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7 Profitable Things You Get To Do When You Write Your Book

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 12/3/2008
  • Non-Fiction

Are you tired of waiting for your bottom line to change? Don’t wait any longer; take your profit line into your own hands. Join the list of authors who finally wrote their book and profited from doing so? Would you like to receive a growing monthly income from a book you wrote? Where would you go on vacation with the additional income stream your book created for you? Most people are inspired by the possibility of their appointment book filled with cream of the crop clients paying top dollar for their services as an expert author. Still not convinced you get to do profitable things when you write your book? Here are some ways to gain profitable leverage when you write your book: 1. Write your book and grow your assets. Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says, “In simple terms, anything that puts money, or income, into your pocket is classified as a financial asset.” When you write a top selling book that puts money in your pocket every month, you can list your book as an asset on your financial statements. 2. Write your book and position yourself as an expert. As an author of a book, you can become the go to guy or gal in your field. Pull potential book readers in with free articles and tips to help them. People are always looking for good information, a whopping 85% of Internet users are looking for information. Supply them with good information and they will think of you (a trusted expert) when they’re ready to buy.

3. Write your book and expand your market. After publishing your book to the world, you enter a global market. You have the ability to reach out and touch someone across the globe. After you write your book, your customers may live in your neighborhood or across the world in another

country. A book will extend your reach and profits to new markets. 4. Write your book and create an electronic product. Develop your book into an ebook. Technology has advanced making it easier and easier to electronically publish your own e-books. The profits from each sale on a per-unit basis can be 10X the royalties earned by your original book. 5. Write your book and develop an information empire. Now that you’ve finished your book, don’t stop there. You can create other products from it. Just divide it into chunks, sections and parts. Dividing your book this way will allow you to refine, repeat and repackage your information. You can keep developing your book with a website and a stream of follow-up products and even services to build your brand and your profits further. 6. Write your book and offer a new service in your business. You can use your new book to launch a new service in your business. Or you can simply use a book to leverage your existing services to new levels. With your book, you can consider starting a career in publishing, speaking or consulting in your field. 7. Write your book and start speaking for a fee. Travel the world speaking about your book’s topic. Does travel excite you? For some, it excites them to go to new cities or to a country they’ve never been before. Well, pack your bags! Writing your book opens the door of opportunity to go places you’ve never been before. Add speaking about your book’s topic to your list of services and watch even more new doors and opportunities for you open.

Are you excited about your increased bottom line waiting for you on the other side of completing your book yet? Don’t keep waiting for extra profits to come to you. You could be this time next year looking for that experience. Go ahead; write your book. Then get excited about the profitable things you get to do. Here’s to seeing your name in print!


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by Earma Brown



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