7 Types of Flower Tattoos and their Meanings

Floral tats are the grand daddies of body art. Why? Besides skulls and hearts, they are the most requested tattoos amongst men and women in pop culture. Universally, people gravitate to flower tattoos because of their various meanings, usually attributes and qualities common to humanity. As a result, an individual sporting a floral tattoo is sending out a specific message, one that is describing his or her inner self. Because this may change over time, tat wearers usually have more than one. Nevertheless, multiple floral tats are socially acceptable considering the overall beauty of floral tat designs.

Type 1: The Lily

The lily is a flower tattoo that dates back to ancient Egypt. During that time, the lily was a symbol of fertility. Nowadays, the meaning of a lily tat differs depending on the species. Calla lilies denote beauty; tiger lilies signify pride and prosperity and orange lilies represent hate. Because of the various meanings, individuals who use lilies as a form of body art normally have a strong reason for doing so.

Type 2: The Rose

A rose tattoo, one of the most popular floral tats, varies in meaning depending on color and size. Red roses are a symbol of love; pink roses signify grace; white roses denote innocence; and, rose buds stand for youth and beauty. Women of every age get them on their body, especially on the back, ankle and stomach. Men usually mix rose tats with skulls and other tribal art.

Type 3: The Daisy

The daisy is a flower tattoo synonymous with a female name. Women usually get this tat because of its beauty and symbolic meaning of purity, faith and love. One daisy on the ankle is an excellent tat for a female just starting to experiment with body art. It is the kind of flower tattoo that will never go out of style.

Type 4: The Hibiscus

The hibiscus is a flower tattoo that is very popular, especially in Hawaii. Considering it is this states’ national flower, this comes as no surprise. The meaning of this floral tat is delicate beauty or consumed by love. So, it is the perfect flower tattoo for anyone who is a romantic at heart.

Type 5: The Sunflower

The sunflower is a flower tattoo that shifts in meaning depending on size. Very large sunflower tattoos represent loyalty while smaller ones denote adoration. Individuals who usually wear sunflower tats are trying to make a bold statement for everyone to see.

Type 6: The Lotus flower

The lotus is a flower tattoo with meaning derived from several cultures. Indians and Chinese people tat this flower as a symbol of spiritual awakening while Europeans use the lotus as a stamp of innocence. For this reason, the lotus flower is a piece of body art that can be misinterpreted by others. Therefore, wearers of this type of floral tat usually have to explain the full significance of their tattoo.

Type 7: The Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom is a flower tattoo that has its roots in Japanese culture. This body art has two meanings – female beauty and transience. As a result, a woman who is going through a sudden, quick change might tat a cherry blossom on our body as a sign.

These seven types of flower tattoos are the basic ones. Of course, there are more types of flowers one can use as body art. To get more information on floral tats and other kinds such as angel or dolphins, visit FreeTattooDesigns.org.


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