7 Ways To Save Money On Prescription Drugs


Authored by Sama Fazal in Medicine 
Published on 01-21-2009

With the constantly escalating costs in the healthcare industry, prescription drugs are becoming costlier than before. People who have been consuming prescription drugs on a regular basis know it more than anyone else. Rising inflation and increasing import prices on chemicals is aggravating the situation. In a scenario like this what are the best ways to save money on prescription drugs?

Following are a few tips on saving money:

  1. Try to buy prescription drugs from different chain stores. Each chain drugstore will have different prices for different medicines. As a matter of fact, the prices vary according to the location since tax structure in different states varies. Ask for discounts so that you do not miss a good opportunity.
  2. Switching over to generic medicines is a good idea. For this you have to ask your doctor for advice first. Generic drugs are a great way to obtain huge savings. It goes without saying that branded drugs cost 3 times more than the generic drugs. These drugs are widely available. Thus when you visit your doctor next time, ask him to prescribe you a generic drug instead of an expensive brand drug.
  3. Another option is to go for online pharmacies. These are generally cheaper than their retail counterparts. There are many doctors who associate with established online pharmacies. They can prescribe you relevant drugs available through these stores.
  4. It will be a good idea if you research though your health insurance papers. You must check out the maximum amount fixed for your prescription drugs. See if your regular drug falls under the list of drugs covered in your insurance plan. In case you still have to sign the insurance cover, take time to understand your benefits. This will go a long way, especially if you are taking a regular medicine or foresee age related health issues.
  5. Never try to switch over to herbal medication if your prescription drugs are becoming dearer. Herbal medication may be a potential risk to your health unless it is proved effective. These supplements may not be tested and are hence not regulated. They can be totally ineffective and you might suffer more monetary loss.
  6. Even though your drugs cost more, try to buy higher doses and then split them in half. But this has to be done cautiously. This does not mean that you are reducing the consumption that is prescribed to you on a daily basis. You cannot take a high concentration drug every alternate day. Instead of having a positive effect, this type of do-it-yourself medication might be dangerous. Some medication can be life-threatening if not taken in due time. In case you wish any change, you must first consult your physician.
  7. Try to bring a positive change in your lifestyle in such a way that the expense on prescription drugs is eliminated completely unless you are completely dependent on drugs for some serious ailment.

Most of all, be honest with your doctor. Tell him that you can’t afford expensive medication and he will surely help you find economical options that are safe and effective.


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