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7 Younique Reasons to Write a Book

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 09/1/2009
  • Writing

Have you started your unique book manuscript yet? Write a Book and express what YOU have to say. Don’t become a copycat. Even if you’re covering the same topic, find your unique presentation point. Why do you think new diet and exercise books released every year continue to sell well? It’s because every physical fitness trainer, dietician or nutritionist has their unique plan, their unique steps and victorious customers that swear by it. There’s still time to get started. For once it’s all about YOU. Most of us are too modest. It’s about time you did something for you and just because you want to do it. On that note, here are some You-nique reasons to get started writing your book. 1. You become famous. Many aspiring authors think either you have fame or you don’t. They erroneously think the rich and famous are born that way. The truth is most people grow in fame over time. Yes of course there are some that receive fame at birth. So back to (you); when you write your book you become famous. If you write a book and promote it well enough, your fame may just grow to celebrity status. 2. You become an expert. Write a book and become the expert. Become the go to guy or gal in your field. Pull potential book readers in from the entire globe with free articles and tips to help them. People are always looking for good information, a whopping 85% of Internet users are looking for information. Supply them with good information and they will think of you (a trusted expert author) when they’re ready to buy.

3. You gain recognition. Increase your recognition by becoming a trusted voice in your field. After writing a book, more people will recognize you. Our societies still look up to authors. It gives you YOUR claim to f

ame. Write a book filled with how-to, tips, illustrations and checklist. Share your customer success stories through case studies to inspire your audience. 4. You gain respect from your colleagues. Change people’s perspective of you. Are you dissatisfied with the way people treat you. Does someone always perceive your opinion as less than your friend or work associate? A client of mine said, “My colleagues didn’t take my views serious until my book came out. Now, I’m constantly asked what I think about the problems that come up.” 5. You elevate your lifestyle. Travel the world with your message. Does travel excite you? For some, it excites them to go to new cities or to a country they’ve never been before. Well, pack your bags! Writing your book opens the door of opportunity to go places you’ve never been before. Add speaking about your book’s topic to your list of services and watch even more new doors and opportunities for you open. 6. You boost your self-esteem. Increase your self-esteem by sharing your know-how in your field. People are looking for a friendly expert to show them how to do things faster, easier and with more profit. You know; share all the short cuts & secrets of your business you’ve learned along the way. 7. You increase your skill base. Write a book and develop a mini website all about you and your book. Sell it on the Internet. If you optimize your book’s website well, people will visit it from all over the world and buy it. You may be thinking, I don’t know how to build a website much less optimize it. Take a class; hire a computer savy assistant. If a non techie person like the author of this article did, you can too.

Don’t delay any longer. Make a commitment to write YOUR book this year; your audience is waiting to get to know you. Make it different, make it count and make it YOURS. I’m looking forward to seeing your name in print!



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