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8 Great and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Coworkers

gift-ideas-e1417574367760-1338403In many offices, people tend to cram in their last vacation days right before the holidays, so it is important to buy and give your office gifts early.  Hopefully this post today will help you out and provide some good gift ideas for coworkers that they will love!


CyberClean – Great for the Office Slob or the Office Germaphobe

CyberClean (via Amazon) is a great small gift for coworkers that will put you right in that $20 range that usually accompanies gift exchanges.  This stuff is a must have at any desk so that you can keep your keyboard from looking like such a filth magnet. (Buy now ~ $10 ea)


Key Chain Sized Charging plug for Android and iPhones

This next gift might be great if you are looking for multiple small gifts (thats you bosses, managers, and supervisors) to give to a bunch of people.  The Nomad Cable is available from Amazon in Micro USB for Androids as well as  Apple MFi Lightning version for iPhones.  Throw it on your key chain and never worry about having a charging cable again, or just keep it in your bag to cut down on the weight and volume of what you are carrying around every day. (~$13 to $20)


The Anker 5 Port USB Charger Makes any Desk More Productive

With the number of mobile devices out there, the 5 Port Anker USB charger (via Amazon) can make anyone happy by giving them the ability to charge up to 5 mobile devices at once.  There is plenty of power to go around and its smart enough to know what you have plugged into it so it delivers the right amount of juice for the right amount of time. (Buy ~$25!)


Cordies Package – Great to Pair with the Anker USB Port Above

As a stand alone or as an accompanying gift to the Anker UBS port above, Quirky Cordies (Via Quirky) make sure that all of those important cables remain within easy reach and keeps them from making a mess of your desk. (Buy ~$5)


Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Writing

The Sharpie Clear View Highlighter (via Amazon) is a great gift for the office.  It takes the traditional highlighter that has not changed in ages, and puts a clear window with a guide line in the tip so you can actually see what you are highlighting…novel concept, right?  (Buy ~$6 for 3)


Sprout Pencils can liven up any office space

If you think your office needs some more greenery, why not give a set of Sprout Pencils (via Amazon) to someone in the office with a green thumb…face it, its not you, so let someone else pretty up your office so you don’t have a bunch of dead plants on your desk. (Buy ~$25)


Monteverde One Touch Multi Tool Pen Components

The Monteverde One Touch Multi Tool Pen (Via Amazon) has a built in philips and flat head screwdriver as well as a level and ruler, not to mention a fully functional pen and a stylus on the top.  This is a pretty versitile tool that can come in handy on a pretty regular basis beyond just the writing capabilities. (Buy ~$25!)


Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad

Do you have a co-worker that has a messy desk full of Post-it notes?  Maybe gifting them the Rhodia Clic Bloc Mouse Pad (Via Amazon) will give them a better place for jotting down notes while also serving the dual purpose of being a mouse pad….and a nice looking one at that.  (Buy ~$11)

Thats a quick look at some of the great gift ideas for coworkers, check back soon for another round up of gift ideas, but this time for those folks that you don’t mind spending a little bit more on since you don’t just work with them.

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