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8 kinds of super fashion 2013 winter clothes new update

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 01/8/2013

Koreanjapanclothing.com offers a good variety of women’s clothing. For the best bargain in women’s clothing and fashion, choose koreanjapanclothing.com Girls want to know 2013 new winter clothes, now our wholesale china clothing online shop to express 2013 new winter attire, as well as these fashion clothes. Today we together learn this season fresh personality dress.

Army Green Famous padded jacket, kind of handsome style winter attire, this winter has been sought after by many girls! Less elastic chest design, enhance the waist was thin significantly high effect is very good. This green YY, inside take a woolen material white dresses, black tights, and in the next wearing a ride with bare boots, legs and very personalized.

Matte finish, light purple, very dreamy romantic, plush coat of this color really people like! The jacket is paragraph length, inside Slim with a slightly more dress the most significant S-type, the lower part of the body can be used with black hit the leggings and boots dark lines, great style.

Korean fine velvet jacket is a winter love for mostly girls, which has warm and good board design, coupled with simple and stylish not miss a jacket.

Cherry blossom pink padded jacket, a cotton jacket colors especially soft, sweet and lovely sister are very suitable temperament. Coat stack to ride short white sweater is a gray sweater dress, layering a distinctive and very noticeable tall.

The tender colors giving a sweet, cute and pure feeling, the oversized brown burr embellishment design, as well as the chest buckle design, very Western style, but also very warm and practical.

Ordinary the subsection gray wool coat, which take the black to significantly thin section of personal sweater under wear blue low rise jeans, the hypotenuse high-heeled boots, make an impact on it.

How fashionable fur coat and mix and match, piercing freshness. The answer is with a skirt to wear, this white models fur coat, with a consistent length black the Slim dress on special sexy significant figure, but also a mix of both white and black colors, but also especially classic.

Pure white fur coat give the super luxury and noble feeling, you can wear the fur coat with a very significant level when you visiting friends and relatives in the New Year. Now come wholesale women clothing shop, we offer you the best products at great value. Footwear and fashion clothing are the primary focus of our product range.


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