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8 kinds of sweaters’ style introduced in wholesalelucky.com

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/19/2012

Please come here:http://www.wholesalelucky.com

A warm and thick sweater becomes a necessary thing in winter season, because the sweater has a variety of styles. For example, you can have sweet, fresh and elegant style when you wear the sweater. Today our wholesale clothing online shop would offers all kinds of sweaters, here you can learn to display many fashion in using the same sweater.

Ginger yellow loose sweater with the deep red pants, clash with color vision eye-catching, gentle color, with a little fresh taste, woolen sweater in a white shirt, it is also the autumn classic when you wear a thick sole shoes.

Bright yellow sweater, its color is very sweet. And this sweater can delicate knitting patterns more sense, inner Romper shorts, layered mix very thin look, of course you can also wear the warm stockings.

Pineapple pattern pink sweater, loose style simple good collocation, paired with slim black dress, create perfect figure, choose white shoes to match, especially small fresh.

Collision color sweater with the pants, and the casual dress is more comfortable, simple and generous. Now you can study the simple style.

White sweater loose paragraph, girls like blouses, comfortable and casual feeing. Without constraint, tie-in’s nine plaid pants with a rose.

A red sweater with Red Polka Dots Baby collar dress and black stockings, which has Korean fashion style and let people look thin in using wholesale fashion dresses.

Deep coffee color hooded sweater in the long version hooded sweater style, which make the sweater has a more fashion sense, now you can wear with a simple patch leggings, it can make you has very comfortable looking more female model.

The Sweet and comfortable Korean fashion sweater with many beautiful color, which make this sweater full of fashionable style. You can choose denim shorts and grey bottoming trousers to match. If your leg is relatively thick, you can also wear black bottoming trousers in our wholesale clothing china online shop.

Please come here:http://www.wholesalelucky.com


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