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8 Main Features of the Facebook Platform:More Joy For You!(a)

  • By Anna Ella
  • Published 01/16/2013

Have you ever noticed that there are more new functions to be showed for us when we get on Facebook platform ?Have you ever try it out all during your leisure time when you access Facebook to begin your happy day?Okay,if you didn’t ,then you will be totally outdated .Here we will give you a short introduction about the new functions that we may use it in the future .Ready?Here we go: But the first thing that we should remember is that once a social platform such as Facebook or Twitter or Youtube which are very famous at abroad all choose college students to be their target project.And now with the 40 million active membership,the Facebook website has been gradually to be the latest buzzword in the social media marketing when you want to unblock Facebook. However, most members are extremely savvy online and they smell blatant advertisements from miles away. It is important to know some basics and gain experiences in utilizing the site and interacting with its members before you start to plan your Facebook marketing adventure on its website. 1. Create a profile. The first step is to create a profile. Sign up with your real name and upload some pictures to the website. If you do not have an email with a top-level edu domain, by default you have to join a regional network which is based on your zip code or the international address. Later, you will have the option to join your company’s network and change your regional networks. You can change your networks twice in a 60-day period.Always upload a profile picture. If you never upload a picture to the Facebook platform, it is advisable for you to place a default question mark icon on your computer. nopicture-5785075



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