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9 Extraordinary Reasons to Write a Book

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 08/24/2009
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Have you been thinking of writing a book this year? A New York Times survey accounted that 81% of people feel that they have a book inside them and should write it. Don’t let your dream and message fade away. Write your book and release it to the world while it’s still in your heart. Writing a book is a great way to position you and your business to increase your fees, create additional income streams and take more time to be with your family. A book will elevate your name, add credibility and increase your travel opportunities. Still not convinced? Here are 9 more extraordinary reasons to write your book: 1. A book creates a professional image. After writing your book, you will gain an instant professional image. You will be perceived as a professional person. 2. A book expands your referral source. Your completed book becomes your new referral source. More people will want to do business with you as an author. Your book readers will more readily refer you as well. 3. A book makes it easier to up sell to your customers. After reading your book, your customers are easier to upsell to other products. They get to know you and trust you faster for any other products, including higher priced ones. 4. A book gets media attention. Your book can open the door to getting the media’s attention. You will have to have other things in place to seal it. But with a book, you are more apt to gain the attention and respect from media personnel.

5. A book builds your name and brand. You become famous with a book. Of course, you will grow your fame as you promote your book effective

ly. Your book travels so quickly from place to place. It will grow your name much faster than most any other product. 6. A book gives you the ability to live anywhere. As book author, you can live anywhere and work. You don’t have to settle in one place for life, unless you want. Many successful authors live in one place for the summer and another for the winter. 7. A book raises your status. The title book author is still a prestigious title. So, after you have completed your book your status is immediately elevated. You are respected among the community as a local author. As your name grows, your status will grow beyond your community even unto the world. 8. A book makes you important. You will receive special treatment as an author. In all the end of the world movies, they select important and special people to save and start society over again. They choose artist, teachers, authors and musicians, etc. Your book will make you an important person in society. 9. A book gives you the spotlight. Your fifteen minutes of fame will come sooner with a book in your list of achievements. You never know when someone has heard of you because of your book and the spotlight swings over to you. Be ready; stay prepared to offer your thoughts. A close friend complained not long ago about always being put on the spot to speak. She said her husband gently reminded her you are an author and speaker now; you may as well get over it and stay prepared.

Are you ready to join the ranks of successful authors? You don’t have to let your message slip away. I can’t think of a more opportune way to change your status, grow your brand, and even change your life than by writing a book. Go ahead; write your best book now and become extraordinary.



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