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A bag of sweet romantic love

  • By Evelyn Green
  • Published 01/24/2011
  • Article Writing

I have got a red color canvas tote. It looks like a huge shopping bag with orange handles. It is a fashionable tote though its appearance is very simple and has almost no decoration. I like the bag mostly because the design is practical. The tote is big enough to hold all my belongings: two mobile phones, my ipad, cosmetics, a bottle of chocalates, a water glass and so on. In spite of its big size, there are a lot of pockets in it so that I can put my belongings in diffenrent pockets according to their functions. Usually, I go to work with two or more bags and the red canvas tote is definitely one of them.       That day I went to my office with my tote and a Fendi bag. When I entered company, I ran into a man. Wow, such a good-looking guy! I hadn’t ever seen him in my corporation before. I was flashing and said quickly “ Hey, I am terribly sorry!” “It’s ok!” He answered in his beautiful voice. I heard that his name is Tony. He just finished his study in America and he was our new department manager. Tony’s office is opposite mine and I can see him through the huge transparent french window. I had to admit that the handsome figure of him was kind of distracting me from my work. I couldn’t help gazing at him. But we didn’t get chance to know each other deeply.       Our company would hold a big party on Sunday evening. I went to the party with a silver off-shoulder T-shirt and a pair of Lee’s black jeans. And of course I brought my red tote. People were dancing crazily to music. I sat down and took my ipad out of my red canvas tote. When I was watching a movie, Tony came. He asked me if he could share this movie with me. I said “yes.” We had a good time together at the party. He offered to send me home. When I got off his car I was so excited and nervous that I gave him a quick goodbye. Then I grabbed my tote and rushed into my apartment. But till I got to my house did I find that the tote was black with pale handles. I was thinking whose tote it was and opened the bag. There was a card. It read “ Look out! We are using the same bag!” Look out? I ran to my window and found that Tony was there. He was grinning at me with my red canvas tote in his hand..       It is unbelievable that my tote has brought me a bag of sweet and romantic love. Tony and I are going to engage.



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