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A brief introduction of diver's watch

  • By Elizabeth Braxton
  • Published 11/29/2010
  • Copywriting

A diver¡¯s watch is a kind of watch that is used for diving and waterproof. A diver¡¯s watch, which has a strict regulation, is more than a waterproof watch. When the depth of water increases ten meters, the pressure will increases about an atmospheric pressure. Base on this theory, the watch factory uses a manometer to check the waterproof capability of the watch.   Here are some features of a diver¡¯s watch. First, its waterproof capability can reach at least 200 meters depth of water. Second, there is a one-way rotating outer ring on the watch, which is used for measuring the diving time. Third, users find it easy to read the time because the three hands, the dial and the watch case have been printed fluorescent material. Finally, to put it strict, diver¡¯s watch has to comply with the ISO standard.       Compact console 3   Compact console 3 is made up of a UWATEC compass, a SCUBPRO depth gauge and a cylinder pressure gauge. Users can know the depth of water, left pressure and direction in time. In terms of beginners, diving bases and clubs, compact console 3 is an ideal instrument. At the same time, it is the first choice of spare instruments for professional divers.    Onhand PC watch   Onhand PC watch has all the basic functions that the other watches have. Besides, it can measure the air pressure and left oxygen. Users can make a diving diary as well. SuuntoRGBM calculation modules and computer interface make it different from compact console 3. Parts of the factories have designed a product that has 3 or 4 pressure sensors.       Now I introduce five famous men divers¡¯ watches to you.   1.       Panerai¡ªLuminor Submersible 2500m professional diver¡¯s watch. Waterproof capability: 2500 m. 2.       Bell£¦Ross¡ªHydromax potential extreme series. Waterproof capability: 11100 m. 3.       Bvlgari¡ªDiagono Professional Scuba 2000m diver¡¯s watch. Waterproof capability: 2000 m. 4.       Sinn¡ªEZM2 GSG9 German special forces¡¯ watch. Waterproof capability: 6000-12000 m. 5.       Muhle Glashutte¡ªS.A.R. rescue watch. Waterproof capability: 1000 m.



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