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A brief introduction of necklaces and pendants

  • By Christine West
  • Published 01/12/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Necklace captures the hearts of lots of ladies because of its decency, warmness and romance. Over centuries, it’s every lady’s dream to decorate her own neck and shoulder by using a diamond necklace. From the beginning of 1700s to 1900s, every European lady—-whether the nobleman or the civilian—-is proud of wearing a diamond necklace. Pendants can match any clothes. A pearl pendant or a diamond pendant can make people focus on a simple gemstone necklace showing ladies’ charm and confidence. A charming necklace or pendant can bring out a lady’s beauty at any time. So you have to know how to choose a suitable necklace and a pendant.   Necklace A V-shaped platinum diamond necklace can make you neck look slender. And an 18k white gold or an 18k color gold necklace would make you look more elegant and fashionable. When you want to buy a necklace, you should think about its length. You’d better know that a long necklace emphasizes the charm of your breast and a short necklace emphasizes the beauty of your neck. A necklace with 16 inch is just above the collarbone emphasizing the curve of your neck. 18 inch is a princess-shaped length on the collarbone, which is the most common length. 24 inch is the drama length hanging on the clothes.   Pendant Diamond pendants are easy to match all kinds of clothes. A bright pendant is the finishing touch of a set of clothes whether is an elegant evening dress or a leisure T-shirt and jeans. Pendant can also be made of precious metals, diamonds or gemstones into heart-shape or cross shape. If you want to take part in a party or a date, you can think about a single diamond pendant. If you take part in a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary, you can choose an exquisite marriage diamond pendant which is the synonym of profession and nobleness. 



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