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Today’s tech savvy world provides us with multiple benefits of easy business transaction and easier processing. Which is the most effective tool that we use on a daily basis today?? Our phones off course!! We can make the outmost benefit of our phone in our business transactions as well.

How?? Here are some interesting and easy ways revealed:

·         Paper checks, the processing of which is done through your phone

The basic necessity is finding a service provider that offers such facility of processing check.

·         Check by phone software called Check writer software.

How to go about it

The following information has to be taken over the phone from the customer or client.

 Customer’s name

Company’s name


Cheque no

Account Number

All you need t do is fill in all the information from the check into the software, and with the help of a ink jet or laser printer ,create a draft of the check without any signature. With the help of this software “check writer” a draft will be created which can be deposited in any back and it would be cleared as easily as a check.

Benefits of check by phone:

·         The processing is easier as the authentication is done over the phone which in turn needs to be recorded for verification. That’s it.!!

·         The software has many features such as “notes” where the details of the conversation. The initiation of the call and other details of the process can be recorded for further reference.

·         Another interesting feature about this software is that it has an inbuilt router number validation system.

This feature helps in identifying an error if you happen to swap the routing number or the account number while taking a check by phone. The software identifies the error and tells you accordingly.

·         This process helps in increasing sales, cater to immediate collections and focus on noncredit card customers as this process does not involve cumbersome documentation process.

·         Avoid long ques in the bank

·         Checks can be generated 24 hours and all round the year that is 365 days.

·         Cost effective : It reduces the transaction cost and streamlines the transaction process

·         All kind of bill payments and past due payments can be easily cleared by check by phone

·         Increases the cash flow movement and thus funds can be collected within a span of just 48 hours.

·         It is considered a much safe process as all the cheques converted are verified without any extra charge, thus proving it to be authentic.

So in order to enhance your business or making any kind of payment you can easily rely on check by phone service. It is easy, effective and secure process which can enhance your income prospect with minimal charges.

So make the best of this service, increase your business and increase your income through a hassle free and easy process.

For more information about accept checks by phone , Check by phone software  we do visit : http://vchecksolutions.com/


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