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A cartoon record moppet for my best friend

  • By Kathy Kathy wl
  • Published 06/12/2011
  • Poetry

Quan is one of my best friends. She is  an outgoing girl with whom I got through the terrible high school life.  She is learning in Zhuhai, GuangDong Province now. It is really a long  time since we met last winter. Last month I recieved an ANNASUI wallet  on my birthday morning from Quan which totally touched and impressed me.  I realised that a true friend is someone who put you in the bottom of  her heart. As Christmas is just around the corner, I started to consider  to give her a big surprise as she did to me. The cartoon record moppet  seems to be a good choice. Quan is fond of dolls as most girls  do, however, general dolls may seem to be less innovative and I have  sent her several times before. The record moppet is different from other  kinds of dolls because it can record my voice, that is to say, I am  able to express my emotions through the little doll. It’s astonishing,  isn’t it?

The cartoon record moppet combines  dolls with voice recorder. As a Chines

e saying goes, kill two birds with  one stone. This cartoon record moppet is the case, which means I can  achieve two goals using one gift .The moppet Quan appreciates the most  is Mcdull. I have surfed the Internet for a long time to find a record  moppet made in the image of Mcdull. Providence will never let down a man  who has exerted all his efforts. I eventually got what I want. I  started to record as soon as I recieved the cartoon record moppet from  the carrier. You may wonder what I would say. Of course it is something  like a secret that I won’t tell here.Now Mcdull is lying on my desk  peacefully. It is about 20cm high with a vivid pink dress and a  brilliant smile on its plumpy face. I have put my best wishes in its  heart and it will convey my regards to Quan on Christmas. Friendship is  one of the most precious emotion for human beings but sometimes you need  to express it in an indirect way. Presents seem to be an appropriate  way and the cartoon record moppet delivers a completely new creation.


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