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A diamond ring means something to somebody

  • By Nicole White
  • Published 01/11/2011
  • Article Writing

When they decide to be each other’s companion, lovers should choose something to witness this special and sacred moment Generally speaking, diamond ring will be the best choice. But people always have no idea about which one is the perfect one to them. Then one question is raised, that is, what exactly do they want? Just a shining stone or an article that means something to them. To be honest, every girl has a dream of diamond ring since the love broke out in the deep heart of a teenager girl. I know the diamond from one famous advertisement, that is, “one will last forever”. At that moment I couldn’t understand the meaning hiding in the sentence or in the diamond, but now I understand it and at the same time I’ve experienced the pure love. To me, diamond ring means more than a shining stone. The first time my eyes were caught by diamond was when I was 16 years old. At that time I was in love and my whole were filled with sweets. On a sunny afternoon, I was walking around the street and imaging the future of ours. I saw the wedding rings on the ad board of Chowtaifook. The ring that belongs to the bride is desired to circle the ring that belongs to the bridegroom, which shows the relation between the couple that husband should protect his wife. It’s named “Perfect Love-Holding” When I grow up, I do not like this one so much as usual. I am no more a little girl and I can have nearly everything done all by myself. Another kind of diamond came into my view. Every Wednesday, I will escape from my normal life, sitting in a dark corner of a small café and reading some magazines. I’d like to read books in the café that may be out of fashion but quite special. Then I have first met Cartier, and it was quite different from the diamond rings I have ever seen. I was crazy about the diamond ring. It sounds amazing but I know it is true. The diamond was so simple that it was not decorated too much, but it did catch my eyes. As I do not have too much money, I have not get my first diamond ring yet. But I know that I will not spend money only to get a diamond ring. It has to mean something. The brand, the meaning of the diamond, even the story behind the ring may be the reasons why I choose to buy.

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by Nicole White



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