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A Discount and Our September 2014 Goldspot Winner Announced


The Plug Hub with Some Wires Plugged in and Ready to Go

A while back we reviewed the PlugHub CableOrganizer from Quirky and inventor Jared Joyce.  When we first reviewed this nice organizing solution, it was $30, but now with 25,000 units sold they are running a sale on it for just $10!  In addition to the discount on the PlugHub, you can use the coupon code “JARED” to use for an additional 20% off any purchase at the Quirky website.

We also have a new site sponsor that has some great pens and notebooks not to mention other awesome accessories, so check out BigBen if you have the urge to start working on your holiday shopping list, or if you just want to grab yourself something nice.  They currently offer free shipping on orders of $35 and up.  Now onto our winner of this month’s Goldspot fountain pen package, which if you have not signed up for, you should do so by heading over here.

The winner of the October Goldspot fountain pen prize pack is Henry Nguyen.  If you are Henry, just use the “About/Contact” form to get in touch so we can coordinate the selection of your prize, check out this page if you forgot what you just won.

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