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A Dozen Provocative Approaches For Online Sales Letters

  • By R.T. Markovsky
  • Published 06/30/2008
  • Copywriting

Try these sales letter approaches to motivate your online prospects to purchase your product or service. 1. The “Sold Separately” Approach The “hurry, I’m considering selling some parts of this (product/package/membership site) separately…” Approach tells potential customers that they better order your product soon or they won’t get everything for one price. You could even mention that the overall cost of the product will be more if you divide it up and sell it separately. 2. The “Quiet Benefits” Approach The “some people are quietly (your product’s benefit), ever wonder how they do it?…” Approach tells potential customers that your product is the secret ingredient that people have been using to gain their desired benefit so easily. You can tell them that now you are going to allow the general public to purchase it even though you might make a few of your longtime clients mad or even lose them. 3. The “Cheating Yourself” Approach The “you’re cheating yourself out of (your product’s benefit)…” Approach tells potential customers that it’s their fault that they aren’t reaching their goals or improving their life. You can tell them that the only person they can ever blame is themselves because all it takes is one simple purchase. 4. The “Automatic Delivery” Approach The “sign up to my monthly autoship program and you’ll save $ (no.) per month…” Approach tells potential customers they can purchase your product every month or have it shipped automatically to them every month. You just get their permission to charge their credit card every month. Plus you can price the autoship program a little cheaper so they’ll commit to purchasing your product every month. 5. The “Exact Steps” Approach The “just follow these (no.) easy steps and (your product’s benefit)…” Approach tells potential customers the actual steps they need to take to gain their desired benefit. For example, STEP #1: Just Invest In My Product. STEP #2: Use My Product for 5 Minutes A Day. STEP #3: Watch The Pounds Disappear. 6. The “Half As Good” Approach

The “I’ve bought $(high no.) (type of product) which were not half as valuable as (your product/affiliate product)…” Approach tells potential customers that you’ve purchased similar products for more money that weren’t as good as your product or an affiliate product. People will think back to a time when that has happened to them and get those same feelings about yo

ur product. 7. The “Sequel Is Coming” Approach The “you’ll get the sequel for free…” Approach tells potential customers that if they purchase your product, they will get the next installment of it for free and that people who don’t will have to pay for it. You can tell them that you are currently working on the second one and the date it will be released. Plus tell them they will get to view or use it before the general public even sees the ad for it. 8. The “Just Like Free” Approach The “write it off as a tax deductible business expense, it’s almost like getting it for free…” Approach tells potential customers that if they own a business, they should check with their accountant because they may be able to write off your product as a business expense. It also will make them feel that they will be getting it for nothing in the long run. 9. The “Delayed Identity” Approach The “you may or may not know who I am but I’ll tell you more about me in a little bit…” Approach tells potential customers that you aren’t going to reveal your identity till later on in your ad copy. They will at least scroll over or read most of your sales letter to find out if they have heard of you or not. The more they read about your product, the easier it will be to persuade them to buy. 10. The “Fits Anywhere” Approach The “you can apply it to almost any area of your life…” Approach tells potential customers that your product has tons of uses. You can say they can use it for their job, relationship, marriage, business, health, finances, etc. You can tell them it will help them save money by not buying different products for each one of those areas. 11. The “Students Only” Approach The “students only bonus…” Approach tells potential customers that if they are a certain type of person or have a certain type of profession, they will get an extra bonus for purchasing your product. You can tell them you are doing it because of something related to your own life. For example, “I’m doing this because my daughter is in college and I personally know how expensive it can be.” 12. The “Which Is Right?” Approach The “there are hundreds of different types of (your type of product) out there, but do you know which one is right for you?…” Approach tells potential customers that you are going to help them find the best product for their particular situation. Of course, you want your advice to them to lean more towards them purchasing your product.

Try utilizing these sure-fire methods to energize your online sales copy. These secret methods will work for you and should improve your conversions and profits.



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