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A famous brand christian dior’s fashionable handbags

  • By almaLouie Louie
  • Published 12/19/2010
  • Copywriting

Christian  Dior is not only a prefect fashion maker but also a famous brand.  Christian Dior’s legendary life has created the legendary Dior brand.  Moreover, one and another generation of talented designers and excellent  managers continued Christian Dior’s fashionable spirit of thoughtful,  elegant and creative. The continuing fresh energy and vitality make  Dior’s legend can last forever.   Dior’s  design always emphasizes female model lines instead of color. Dior’s  every season will bring us a brand new visual angle and movement. The  new kinds of handbags are various, which makes ladies have more choices  and at the same time maintain Dior’s French elegance and nobility.   

And now I  would like to introduce my favorite one—-Dior libertine black handbag  to all of you. The bag is made of black lambskin and details in draper  leather. “C, D” letters are in aged gold-tone metal with rounded lines  borrowed from a belt created by Christian Dior in 1950.

What’s more, a handle with details  is in hand-braided leather. Inside the bag, there is 1 zipped and 2  applied pockets. New spirit, new volume, Dior Libertine is the bag for  today’s chic Amazon. Inspired by the autumn-winter 2010 collection, its  lines are clean and sophisticated.   Here’s a products list of Dior’s handbags. Dior libertine black handbagDior libertine hazel handbagDior libertine petal handbagSmall Dior libertine black handbag Black patent leather Dior soft shopping bag, cannage stitchingBlack leather dior soft shopping bagBlack leather Granville bagBlack leather 2 dior shopping bagBlack leather 2 dior polochon bagBeige leather 2 dior polochon bagBlack leather 2 dior bagMidnight-blue leather Granville bagKnaki Granville bagBlack leather le 30 bag with cannage embroideryWhite leather le 30 bag with cannage embroideryBrown leather Granville bagBeige le 30 bag, glossy cannage overstitchingPurple leather le 30 bag, cannage embroideryBeige leather le 30 bag with cannage embroideryRaspberry-coloured cannage embroidered le 30 bag



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