A Few Unique Gifts For a Newlywed Couple

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Gifts
Published on 04-05-2009

When a couple unwraps their gifts after their wedding day they seemingly have everything, but you were just invited to their house for a house warming party, what do you get them? A mixer? A Blender? Sheets? We know very well that they probably received all of these and possibly double between their wedding and shower. So, you need to come up with something unique or risk handing the lovely couple the gift receipt. Today we will take a look at some gifts that are different than the norm.

One present that may separate your gift from others is a gift that is functional. The couple has been through a whirlwind the last few months with wedding planning, wedding and probably setting up their new home. Perhaps getting them a day at a spa together would be a great way for the two to bond and just be together for a day, before they have to enter back into the real world.

Another gift that the couple will surely appreciate is a gift certificate to a home improvement store or house ware store. If you feel a gift certificate is a bit too impersonal then spice it up a bit. Perhaps you can attach a bottle of wine to your gift card or even you your creative abilities to write a poem expressing your well wishes for the newlyweds. You can even go with a gift card to a supermarket as the couple will more than likely be shopping together as a new couple and spending a it more. A Good way to decorate the gift card would be to buy some fruit and make a small fruit basket and tuck the card inside.

Depending on how much you are looking to spend on the newlyweds a nice little getaway would be nice. Once the couple will be recovering from their wedding and adjust to their new life together, so a small overnight at a bed & breakfast may be nice. Most bed & breakfast will offer deals, so you probably wont have to spend too much.

Getting the couple off to a new and healthy start is another good way to show you appreciation for your friendship. A gym membership is a nice way to get them to burn off all the weight they put on parting the last few weeks. Some health clubs will allow you to pay the first few months in advance or offer a three-month package. If the couple already belongs to a gym, maybe you can set them up with some personal training to kick-start their routine.

It can definitely be hard to figure out what to get for that new couple. It is hard to know what they may have already received on their wedding day, as well as you may not know what exactly they need or are into as a couple. No matter what you choose we are sure your friends will appreciate the time and effort you put into their gift.


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