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A gown makes a woman a woman

  • By Christine West
  • Published 12/10/2010
  • Copywriting

Purple one-shoulder sleeceless satin gown with a high split will turn you into a mysterious lady. The split on the right side show off your curvaceous stature while sheath dress fits body to the perfection. This piece of gown makes your skin smoother from putting shining purple bead on the strap. Dress has a defined waist with delicate knot design and beautiful pleats. The high positioning of the waist creates a longer length of skirt, elongating the body and creating an elegant silhouette. Clever design of cutout detail at front as well as at one side transforms you to be a pillar of enchanting party queen. The glamorous gown falls to the floor ¡ª¡ª the right length to accentuate girl¡¯s slender figure. Cause it well integrates classical elements and stylish ideas, so the dress is really something of a piece of exquisite high-fashion dress. You can wear it on different ocassions, like a banquet, an opening ceremony or an award party, etc. Anytime this piece of purple gown sets your figure off to advantage and creates a sense of dignity. A secret makes a woman a woman. Then the gorgeous gown on your body is definitely a facsinated secret.


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