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A guide to buying christmas presents

  • By Kathy Kathy wl
  • Published 06/14/2011
  • Non-Fiction

  With Christmas drawing near, we all want to choose a delicate present for the people we value. But oftentimes we are agonized over what kind of gifts we should select. Here, I will give a brief guide to buying Christmas presents, which may help you very much. When festivals make their arrivals, the first one we may think of is likely to be those who brought us up, like our parents and grandparents. These older generations grew up in relatively poor times, so most of them still lead severe lives. They tend to like something useful and nothing flashy should be given to them. What’s more, these older generations usually have difficulty in using precise devices because of their physical problems. Consequently, I recommend a kind of cell phone named V99 Single Card Quad Band Big Keypad with Torch FM MP3 Cell Phone. Abandoning flaring functions, this phone is equipped with a big keypad. No more do we have to worry about trying to press all those tiny buttons – the big keypad will make using our phone a breeze! Large font on the Big Keypad, perfect for our old man! On the back, there is a SOS button in case of emergency. If we can’t accompany our parents all the time, buy a V99 for them. This phone is just as considerate as us. Of course another gift can also be picked out according to actual conditions, but don’t forget my point. Besides our older generations, the most valued one may be another half. If we are females, we want to select a gift for our boyfriends. We need to bear in mind that we should consider everything on his position. Naïve imagination has to be abandoned, and the gift should represent his maturity. If necessary, the gift can also be a helper to his career. Here I recommend iphone 4. This smart phone is equipped with Face Time, which make it possible for him to make visual phone calls with us, his family and his colleagues. And the phone is also furnished with a 5 mega-pixel camera that saves our boyfriends’ money on digital cameras. If we are males, undoubtedly we feel like impressing our girlfriends by means of a gift. So we must be engraved in our heart that girls like warm protection. Many boys buy try their best to buy something expensive, but fail to delight girls because the gifts they choose are devoid of sufficient concern. Here the suitable gift I think is an electric blanket that can remind girls of our ubiquitous care. Apart from our older generations and spouses, we must also pay much attention to our colleagues or our friends. Provided that we are close enough with them, we are likely to find that virtually all of them are suffering exhaustion from hard-working. At this time we are supposed to give them something helpful for them to relax themselves. In terms of that point, I suggest that we can buy a small but useful thing called Ball-shaped Vibrating Body Massager. The particularity of the stuff is its small size and its USB cable. Nowadays modern people spend more and more time on their computers. It is likely that our colleagues and friends spend a whole day in front of a computer. So a massager like this enables them to relax themselves in the process of their work.   In the end, we can’t forget the adolescents around us. They may be our cousins or our neighbors. They are the liveliest generation in our lives. Since the teenagers are under pressure of study, the electronic products for them should be more related to entertainment and fashion. Such gifts would be more popular with them. Therefore, if we are going to give a present to a boy, Sony’s PSP is a suitable one. This machine has stored a diversity of games. There is no doubt that boys will be pretty fond of it. Provided that a girl needs giving a present, a MP4 player is a proper thing. It is best to buy one with a touch screen that comforts their use and a digital camera that allows them to take a photo anytime or anywhere. Girls tend to be more of a pressure hater than boys. So such a delicate thing will definitely appeal to them. Do you like to have your own -replica pens at very affordable price?

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