A Guide To Healthier Nails

The nails are a big part of a person’s grooming. Seemingly unnoticeable, nails are actually highly conspicuous as it reflects how much a person takes care of the body. Taking care of the nails is no easy task though; constant trips to the salon can guarantee clean nails although clean is not necessarily healthy. Having healthy looking nails requires a lot more than a trip to the nail salon, nails need to be pampered in several ways, it may not be too difficult but it takes time and discipline!

Just like the rest of the body, healthy nails are achieved by eating right. Junk food does nothing for the body but adding yogurt to the daily diet would do some good for a healthier looking set of nails.

Aside from the food intake, there are external factors that cause the nails to be dull and weak. Strong soaps such as dish washing liquid or laundry detergent can heavily damage the skin and the nails so getting into the habit of using gloves is a big step towards gorgeous nails! For those who are into gardening, there is a bigger necessity to use gloves especially during digging and handling plants.

It is not the most comfortable thing in the world but it saves the nails from heavy abuse. Another good habit to develop to keep the nails healthy is regular use of hand and feet lotion. It is great for keeping moisture to both skin and nails. This does not take much effort but it does a lot of good for the nails. Long nails look elegant on special occasions. For a regular week though, it is best to keep the nails fashionably trimmed. Regular use of nail polish may also prove to be damaging to the nails, especially when acetone is used to remove the color. For those who cannot live with natural-colored nails, make sure that the nail polish is not harsh and that the nails salon uses nail polish remover that does not contain acetone.

The negative side-effects of regular use of acetone manifests shortly after the 3rd of 4th use, the nails turns to an ugly yellow shade and sometimes the outer layer has white blots. The nails also lose its natural shine and they tend to break easier. When this occurs, give the nails a rest from nail polish and try out other nail salons that use nail-friendly colors and removers. It is also important to note that manually scratching off nail polish is a big no-no! It may damage the top layer of the nails underneath the polish.

One of the most harmful habits that cause nails to weaken is applying pressure regularly. Some people mindlessly use nails as tools in their daily lives, as a can opener, fruit or vegetable peel and the like. This vice will gradually cause the nails to be vulnerable to breakage. The worse thing that can happen to the nails is teeth. There are adults who find it difficult to break this habit and it proves harmful to the nails! A lady’s bag should always have an emery board for emergencies that require nail trimming – nail biting is never a solution and it must be avoided at all cost! Emery boards are easy enough to carry and it may prove to be a very useful tool to bring along everywhere.


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