A Guide To The Beaches Of Barbados

There are a number of reasons people choose to visit the island nation of Barbados, but the overall number one reason has got to be the fabulous beaches that can be found there. The beaches of Barbados offer some of the most stunning views and photographic opportunities that can be found anywhere. There are also a great many activities available to participate in on the beaches that line the country including sunbathing, beach combing, beach sports, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, and more.

Different beaches though are uniquely equipped to cater to different tourists coming for different reasons. While some beaches are perfect for surfing, others may not get the right kind of waves. Other beaches may be wonderful for snorkeling, while some may not. The trick in visiting the beaches of Barbados is for the traveler to know what they are looking for and what they are hoping to do once they get there. If the tourist has a general idea of what they want to do once on the beach, then choosing the right beach, or at least the right area of the island, is a rather simple thing to do. Here is a look at what a traveler to Barbados can expect to find on the island’s beaches depending on which coast of the island they decide to head to.

Beaches on the west coast of Barbados:

The beaches on the west coast of Barbados are for the most part in front of some of the more major resorts and hotels in the area. There are few public amenities here, but use of the hotel facilities is possible even as what is called a day guest. The waters on this side of Barbados are extremely calm and the clarity makes it perfect for snorkeling. The beaches stretch forever and the white sand is perfect for strolling on or relaxing in.

The individual beaches located on the west coast of Barbados include Paradise Beach, Batts Rock, Prospect, Crystal Cove, Mahogany Bay, Paynes Bay, Sandy Lane Bay, Holetown, Church Point, Gibbes, Godings Bay, Mullins Bay, Heywoods, and Six Mens Bay among others.

Beaches on the southern coast of Barbados:

The white sandy beaches that line Barbados’ southern coast are great for exploring and walking on, as well as sunbathing. The waters here have medium sized waves that shouldn’t be too much trouble for most people to handle. There are a number of offshore reefs that are great for diving and snorkeling and swimming is also popular here. There are some stronger undercurrents in this area so care should be taken when entering the water. With the occasional high winds, this is also the prime location on the island for wind surfing, kite surfing, kite flying, and more.

Some of the best beaches on the island’s southern coast include Carlisle Bay, Brownes Beach, Pebbles, Hasting’s Rocks, Golden Sands, Welches, Worthing, St. Lawrence Bay, Miami Beach, South Point, Silve Rock, Silver Sands, Long Beach, Crane Beach, Long Bay, Harrismith Beach, and Bottom Bay among others.

Beaches on the east coast of Barbados:

The biggest waves found on Barbados can be found on the island’s east coast. This is the prime destination for those coming to Barbados who are looking for surfing. Locals and travelers alike often seek out the incredible surfing opportunities provided by an area known as the “Soup Bowl” which is located near Bathsheba. Surfing is available as an activity on Barbados all year long, and the east coast of the island is definitely the place hit the waves. These are not the best swimming and snorkeling beaches on the islands due to the pounding surf and the strong undercurrents.

Some of the best beaches on Barbados’ east coast include Skeetes Bay, Consett Bay, Bath, martin’s Bay, Bathsheba, Cattlewash, Barclays Park, Walker’s Beach, Morgan Lewis, and Pico Teneriffe among others.

Beaches on the north coast of Barbados:

Some of the most beautiful and remote beaches on Barbados are found on the island’s north coast. Here the physical make up of the beaches is noticeably different with there being far less sand and more rock formations and cliff sides. These beaches are perfect for romantic getaways, exploring and hiking, and beach combing. There are a number of locations here where swimming is extremely safe as many of the smaller bays and coves are sheltered from the pounding seas by reefs and other physical barriers. These beaches are also popular sites for photography and picnic getaways as they offer a great way to still enjoy the tropical island of Barbados, but to do so in a way that escapes the crowds that flock to the more wide open and popular beaches in other areas. There is significantly less development on the northern coast of the island, though accommodations and dining establishments can still be found quite easily.

Some of the great beaches to find and explore on the north coast of Barbados include Little Bay, Maycock’s Bay, Archer’s Bay, North Point Cove, Cove’s Bay, Gay’s Bay, and River Bay among others.

Visiting Barbados is a real treat and there are a number of wonderful activities that can be participated in on the island. The country is famous for its first class resorts and wonderfully quaint villages that dot its landscape, but most people flock to Barbados to take advantage of one feature found on the island, the fabulous beaches. The beaches of Barbados are legendary and thankfully they are also very different from each other with many offering different possibilities and scenery than the other located right nearby. A visit to Barbados is a great way for anyone to get out and enjoy a wonderful vacation on some genuinely beautiful tropical beaches.


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