A Guide To Writing Your Own Mini ECourse

SEO and article marketing experts note that mini e-courses are effective tools in attracting and increasing sales. These courses come in the form of newsletters or opt in forms. Regardless of the type that you want to offer to your potential customers, below are some tips that you should consider.

1. Before anything else, begin with in depth market research. Analyze your target market. Research on forums and social networking sites so you can determine what your target market needs as a mini e-course. Other than getting pertinent information elsewhere, you can also set up a poll in your site. If you have a well established customer base, you can send surveys in the form of emails or pop-ups when they visit your site. You can also do a keyword research.

2. After selecting at least seven topics for your mini e-course, assess your capability to write about the topic. If you are well aware that you are no expert in your chosen topic or if you do not have the time to write the course, consider hiring a ghostwriter. You can find skilled professionals from freelance hubs such as http://www.elance.com and http://www.guru.com.

However, you have to clearly state the data that you want to include in the course. It will be best if you include an outline of your expected points tackled in the article. If you can, establish a list of sources that you will like the writer to use as a reference.

3. If you are capable of creating your own e-course, you should start researching right away. Get sources from reliable websites that update their web content on a regular basis. Once you have gathered enough data, break the topic into five or seven points and start writing. Your articles should be free of errors.

4. Once you have finished writing and editing your articles, load the course to your auto-responder. Now, set up the opt-in form and start attracting traffic to it through links. While engaging in this process, determine how you can make money out of your mini e-course.

5. The simplest way to earn money through your e-course is by placing it on your site and putting AdSense ads in its pages. If your course is something that is timely and you are sure that many will subscribe to it, you can sell ad space.

You can also include affiliate links in the course content or wait until your reader reaches the end of the course and then offer a certain product or service that has been established as a necessity based on your course content.


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