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A healthy balance of time for a life time

  • By Jay Polmar
  • Published 04/14/2011
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The old saying goes ‘time is money’, and that’s pretty much true because time is very valuable. But, we shouldn’t stop there, proper time management, better yet a healthy balance of time is contingent to a happy successful life. We learn by example, I sure do. Keeping that in mind, who you respect, and what type of person would you like to pattern your life after?  Today, virtually everyone, single individuals, and married couples work long hard hours, making their jobs the centerpiece of their lives.  Their entire family time, depends on what can be squeezed in around their busy work schedule?  Of course, it is important to give your job full attention, 100% of your Work effort, but Not 100% of your LIFE effort.I used the term a healthy balance of time. For me it is someone who lives well by putting thought and planning into a healthy living schedule, when to play, when to exercise, arranging their lives for stress relieving walks, time well invested with a friend or just walking or jogging. By balance, I mean priorities established and life schedule organized because of devotion to your career but also create time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Hey that’s a great idea, so tell me how do I do it.

Business Speed Reading  is a powerful and comprehensive program designed to integrate speed reading, time management, goal planning, and other skills and strategies into your life.  Engineered to increase reading speed, comprehension and the ability commit new information to long term memory, insuring that you get jump on the competition, which

is very important in today’s tough economic times —  the ability to read and learn detailed complicated information and make decisions on when and how to use it quickly. This is important to anyone’s success. Business Speed Reading Success allows you to read a large amount of written material much faster than ever before. Reading research faster, recalling and comprehending material.  This exciting Speed Reading course will help you accelerate all phases of the upward bound process in business, making all the time you and your family invests in learning 100% more important. Teaches you to utilize proven techniques, that are mechanical, psychological, and animated to increase reading and goal achievement speeds.You’re not only going to be learning to read faster, but read smarter. This is a learning opportunity covering so many areas it is truly a blessing. Recognizing and taking advantage of Business Speed Reading Success will be as enriching as nurturing to your business as building faith in the importance of getting an education to be successful in business. This course includes what they forgot to teach you in school. Also, they include how to learn to reduce, manage, and eliminate, stress from your life. You will learn Physical Relaxation techniques of 1) Neck Rolls, 2) Shoulder Shrugs, 3) Tense and Release Exercises, 4) Exercises to Increase Mental Power, and more.  Learn to improve not only your reading ability, but your life perspective, and guidance to achieve your life goals through reading.Success is yours. Double efficiency and productivity. Be A Speed Reader.. Be A Speed Reader Double Your Reading Speed, Learn How in  Minutes. Amaze Yourself and Others. Amaze Yourself and Others nopicture-2189036

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by Jay Polmar



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