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A little mermaid's happy ending

  • By adVFDV jackAVVG
  • Published 06/12/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Please go to – for additional info about different types of -polo shirts for men.  A Little Mermaid’s Happy Ending   Long time ago, I was fascinated by the beautiful but miserable story of the little mermaid written by Anderson which was one of the bedtime stories told by my grandma to comfort me. I was so moved by her devoted love and perseverance that I dreamt of being her. So when I was watching myself standing in front of the huge mirror and wearing this mermaid trumpet wedding dress, I could not stop crying for I realized that I had finally fulfilled my dream of being a little mermaid and obtaining a happy ending as well. The whole dress is not very heavy but comfortable, and it makes me look even better than I really am. I love its V-neck especially, because it shows my good points while covers up weak points. The wide V-neck which is made of white tulle draws attention to the chest and creates the illusion of a fuller bust and at the same time it bares my sexy clavicle. Different from the V-neck, the rest of the dress is made of snow-white satin which is decorated by sophisticated appliqués, clustering around the waist and scattering over the expansion skirt. The silver appliqués make the wedding dress more eye-catching and delicate.   In addition, the mermaid trumpet style train is perfect for a formal wedding ceremony. There no any doubt that it will catch all the attention when I am walking down the aisle. During the wedding ceremony, of course, it requires assistance to keep it in order, especially as I walk. However, I still think the long train is extraordinary, because it looks like the mermaid’s fishtail. In this elegant and comfortable wedding dress, I felt that I was a little mermaid who married the one her love and got a happy ending at last. It’s a perfect wedding dress for those who want to have a faire-tale romantic wedding.  



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