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A Mini Stapler: The PaperPro Nano


PaperPro Nano Stapler in the Package

Staplers can sometimes be a not so exciting product, they are usually pretty boring looking and don’t offer much in the way of the whole “cool factor” like some other office supplies can.  This Nano PaperPro mini stapler (via Amazon) changes all of that in more than a few ways though.  Between its cool, colorful design, and impressive functionality, this mini stapler really makes stapling a lot more fun, easy and effortless.  On top of all of that, this mini stapler is so small that it will easily fit in any drawer, backpack, or laptop bag.  It also has a small metal D-ring that goes across the back to allow you to hang this somewhere at your workstation if needed.


Paper Pro Nano Stapler Side View

This Paperpro Nano packs a surprisingly powerful punch that requires a very minimal of effort to use.  The package says it will handle 12 pages, however I did get it to staple up to 15 sheets.  Obviously the number of sheets of paper also depends on the thickness, and the 12 page claim is based on 20 lb stock.

I think the one of the things that makes this mini stapler so powerful (besides the internal workings) is the leverage you get from the ergonomic design of the body.  It seems as if every curve and line on the body of this stapler was designed to comfortably sit right in the palm of your hand as you staple with it.  There are no harsh edges, and stapling with it feels like it is just an extension of your hand and really does require minimal pressure and effort to puncture through your stack of papers.


Paperpro Nano Stapler Opened and Ready to Load

The only minor issue that I encountered with the Paperpro Nano Stapler was the first few times I opened it to load the staples.  The sliding door that covers the staples is pretty stiff at first, but over time it has loosened up.  In order to open it, you have to kind of push up and back at the same time, and the first few times it actually felt like I was going to break the plastic it when I did it.   Overall this is a great little stapler and it comes in a pink, blue, and gray.  I picked mine up here from Amazon, but you can find them in most of your favorite office supply stores, just make sure you pick up some extra staples too because it only comes with a very small sleeve of them that probably wont last you very long.

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