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A miracle new diving watches

  • By Steven Hilbert
  • Published 06/2/2011
  • Poetry

In recent market, there are a series of watches with beautiful styles and creative designs. The diving watch is a kind of special, creative and unique watches. In most times, diving watches are used by divers. It is said that divers usually work in the dark sea. As  a matter of fact, ordinary water-proof watches are not diving watches  and there are special requirements and standards about diving watches.  It is wrong that a watch with strong water-proof function is a diving  watch. In view of this, diving watches have a higher drainage function  so that it can be used in dark sea to look at the luminous pointer in a certain degree.  

There  are some unique features about diving watches. On the one hand, diving  watches are used normally in the dark sea. On the other hand, there is a  rotating outer ring

in a diving watch and it can be used to measure the  diving time accurately. Thirdly, the diver has been in dark water  usually so the diving watches’ pointers, scale or surface must be  covered with fluorescent material, in this case, it is easy to read when  the diver is in the dark water. If some watches are similar as diving  watches, they can not be used as diving watches for they are hard to  stand the pressure of deep sea. Outwardly, if the watches are in line of  specifications, standards and testing of ISO in international  organization, such watches can be named diving watches.  In a word, diving watches are special and unique and they are quite different from water-proof watches. Due to their features and standards, they can be used in dark sea. When you plan to purchase a diving watch, it is wonderful for you to know clearly about it in advance.


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