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A Mix: Giveaways, Contests, and New Office Supply Inventions


With this past Monday being a holiday, I ended up not posting a review, so I’ve got a collection of a few items to share with you today to make up for the lack of anything fun and office supply related earlier in the week.


A Cool Moleskine-like Email Template by Tom From GoldSpot

The other day, good friend to the blog, Tom Oddo showed me something that he created using his graphic design skills and love of good writing materials which he entered in an online contest. What you see in the photo here is his completely original design for an email template that looks like a Moleskine notebook. I love the concept and design because it takes a traditional writing tool (the notebook) and brings it into the modern and electronic world, and as Tom correctly points out it adds a bit more of a personal touch to an email.  Right now Tom is in a tight race for first place in the contest, so if you like the design, head on over to the voting site and click the little “like” button there on Tom’s entry.  Having Tom’s entry win first place would certainly lead to many folks using the template and in the long run help keep pen and paper represented in the digital world.


One of Two Designs for a More Functional Binder by Jared

Inventor Jared Joyce has a few ideas up his sleeve for how he can improve on the traditional 3-ring binder.  The concept shown above integrates a pen holder into the spine of your binder for easy and unobtrusive storage of your pen.  His other iteration on this idea (see it when you click-through the link above) is to add a compact pencil case to the spine of a 3-ring binder so you can store multiple pens, pencils, and accessories.  As always, Jared has some great digital designs for you to see when you head on over to Quirky where you can vote for and comment on the binders if you like them and set yourself up to earn some cold hard cash should the idea win this round of submissions.


Next up is a quick reminder that Brad over at The Pen Addict has a great contest going on to win a nice assortment of pens and notebooks that one of his loyal readers sent over to him.  You only have until at 11:59 PM Eastern Time tonight (Jan. 20th) to enter so get on over there and try to win yourself some cool office supplies.  Some of the items included are Doane Paper notebooks, Uniball Jetstreams, and Pilot G2s.

Each Month One Lucky Winner Gets All of These Cool Office Supplies, but Only if they Check Their Email.

Last but not least, I just wanted to remind everyone that has entered in the monthly office supply giveaway and email news letter, that you need to make sure you are checking the emails that get sent out to see if you are the lucky monthly winner.  In general there are usually only about two emails per month around the second and last Sunday of the month, and these emails will be the only place the winner is announced, so don’t miss your chance to win lots of cool office supplies just because you didn’t check that email.

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