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A new wedding dress, a new life!

  • By tanmus willson
  • Published 02/19/2011
  • Fiction

It  is known to all that the wedding dress is the symbol of love, promises  and eternity. Therefore, it is regarded as a kind of unique costume to  express sanctity.  The  wedding dress is a magic that makes the bride the most beautiful and  happiest woman. You will look like a fairy maiden as soon as you put it  on. That is why we will choose it when we get married. Now I would like  to share my experience about the wedding dress which I wore on my  wedding day. When  I stepped into the church, everybody at the wedding was astonished. I  was so amazing and beautiful in their eyes. My friends told me later  that the dress was pretty good for me and it accorded highly with my  tincture. It was the most ideal dress for me. I was so gratified on  hearing that.  Just  think about it. The dress was the most important thing before I got  prepared for the wedding. I was always thinking, how holy and pure I was  when I was wearing it, how noble and how dazzling I was when I appeared  before my husband, my friends and my relatives. And then I began to  choose dresses slowly and carefully, as carefully as I looked for my  white horse. I tried and tried, at last, I chose the above one according  to my body shape and my tincture. I was not careless at all when I made  decision which to buy. I picked it out from a thousand ones. It was of  good quality. I felt very comfortable in it. “You have a magic,” my friends said to me, “That is your wedding dress. The effect is so perfect.” On hearing that, I knew that I not only had a new dress, but also a new life.  I will value my dress just as I value my love. The author strongly suggest you to check out the best replica concord watches supplied by good vendor. nopicture-9440605

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by tanmus willson



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