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A pair of perfect highheeled shoes

  • By Ronben Newbern
  • Published 06/3/2011
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A pair  of high-heeled shoes are playing a key role in ladies’ daily life.  High-heeled shoes are full of attraction to most girls for they can make  girls feel confident and show their temperament. Under these  circumstances, how to choose one pair of shoes is a hot issue. As far as  I am concerned, the most important factor is that I am comfortable and  not easy to fall down. On one thing, the heel can not be too high. If it is too high, it is easy for us to fall down because it is not convenient to walk and make us be out of balance. At the same time, the heel can not be too thin because it  is hard for us to stand up when we wear a pair of thin-heeled shoes.  Therefore, the heel with a middle height and appropriate thickness would  be ok.


sp; On  another, it is wise to choose the  shoes with flat bottom. In this  case, it is nice for us to walk and we will feel free even if we have to  walk fast. Thirdly,  the materials are critical and soft materials are good to our feet. As a  matter of fact, when we wear a pair of new shoes, it is easy to make  our feet hurt. So if the materials are soft, it can avoid the bad things  happening. At  the end, it is wonderful to choose the shoes with certain heel in front  of the shoe. If there is a certain heel in front, the heel in the back  will be a little low accordingly. In this way, it can be helpful for us  to keep balance and stand well. In a word, when we choose high-heeled shoes, we should consider its materials, heels and so forth. nopicture-2318774


by Ronben Newbern



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