A Parent’s Role In Children’s Language Acquisition

A parent plays an important role in how their child develops his or her vocabulary. Parents that do not spend time teaching a child words and sentences will have a child that does not develop at the same speed as other children. Before a child enters kindergarten, they should have a vocabulary and be able to talk in completed sentences. If a parent does not take the time to talk with the child, the child will not develop socially and emotionally. A parent starts teaching a child how to talk when the child is an infant.

The first words that a parent teaches the child are “mama” and “dada.” These two words are a start to mimicking parents when they say something. As the parent talks to a child, they are helping with language acquisition. All children learn by repeating words that their parents say. This is the reason why parents need to watch what they say in front of children. The child will just keep repeating words that they hear regularly from the parents or other members in the home. Bad words are also learned and repeated by small children.

A parent plays an important role in teaching their child to talk. This starts at a young age and continues until they go to pre-school or into kindergarten. By the time a child goes to kindergarten, they will have developed a vocabulary that is learned from their parents. Unfortunately, the child mimics their parents and may have a vocabulary that is different from what a child should know. Some parents carry on conversations about business, finance or something else that adults talk about and the child will learn words from these conversations. If the conversation is technical, children will have a hard time communicating with their peers when they start school.

It is necessary for a parent to teach their children words and sentences on a child’s level. Children’s books are great for teaching children a vocabulary. This does not mean a parent should not teach children other words or sentences, but you want the child to be on the same level as their peers or their first few years of school may be harder. For instance, if you work with your child for the first five years of their life teaching them “big words” and not words that a child should know, they will not fit into their same age level in school.

A parent can use books, flashcards and other teaching toys to help their children learn how to say words and develop a vocabulary that they will need when they start school. The new Fischer Price learning games and toys are very useful for teaching children how to talk and how to properly pronoun words and letters of the alphabet. It is important that parents take the time to work with their children so they can develop the vocabulary that they need. After the child enters school a teacher along with the parents will teach the child to develop their vocabulary more.


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