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A Pen for Left Handed Writers Uniball Jetstream 101 Bold


The Uniball Jetstream 101 Bold – A Great Option for Left Handed Writers

The new Uniball Jetstream 101 Bold caught my eye the other day when I was looking around for some more new office supplies to review.  I’m a big fan of any Jetstream pen I’ve ever tried so I was pretty sure this one would be no different.  I also have had a few questions about pens for left handed writers lately and I don’t think I ever explored the fact that the Jetstream line is probably one of the best pens for left handed people to write with, you can see more regarding that later in the writing sample.


Uniball Jetstream 101 Bold Bodies Uncapped

I found the bodies on the Jetstream 101 Bold pens to be really comfortable.  It is probably hard to tell from the photo, but the majority of the body is made up of a soft and smooth rubbery material that has a plastic strip that runs down the length of each side of the pen to indicate the color of the ink.  The rubbery material used for the bodies also has grooves that circle the bottom portion of the pen to help add some extra traction for your fingers while you write.   In addition to the sides of the pen being color coordinated to the ink, the caps are also matched to the color of the ink.  One of the things I really like about the cap is how it posts, instead of just sliding on, it snaps on when you post it so there is no doubt that it is up there until you decide to take it off.


Uniball Jetstream 101 Bold Taken Apart

I took a quick picture of the pen broken down just to show that there isn’t much out of the ordinary going on, although it does seem as if the thicker collar that used to always be found at the bottom of the Jetstream ink cartridges has gone away.


Uniball Jetstream 101 Bold Writing Sample

The writing sample above was done in my trusty Black n’ Red notebook, and the ink performed really well in there.  The special Uni Super Ink is designed to embed itself permanently in the fibers of the paper in order to reduce the risk of check washing or any sort of fraud that can be attempted by altering what you have written.  As with any Jetstream I’ve ever used, these write flawlessly with no skipping or clumping, and the flow was steady and consistent.  The most impressive thing about them though came when I tested the dry time, which is what I think makes these pens such an attractive pen for left handed writers.  If you click on the image above to see the larger version, you will see where I wrote the words “Dry Time in Seconds” and below it you just see the number one, to indicate one second.  I basically wrote that number one and rubbed my finger over it immediately to try and smudge or smear it, but the ink held its ground like a champ and smearing was impossible.

These are not just great pens for left handed writers, but also for anyone looking for a workhorse of a pen that shows superior performance while still being very affordable.  You can find the Uniball Jetstream 101 (via Amazon) in all of the usual locations.  It might even be worth picking up the the box of 12 to keep on your desk for those folks that you know who have a hard time returning borrowed pens.

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