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A quick look at profitable online marketing activities

  • By David Burner
  • Published 02/28/2012

Internet marketing has been a subject of learning, understanding and executing best possible methods. You have to go on experimenting new things every alternate day. Whether it is a new marketing strategy for launching a new line of products/services or it is a regular announcement for seasonal offering you had to have vibrant presence online.

The key to online business success is how good you are in making relationships. This is not a single time effort. One has to try out best marketing practices in vogue. It is important that an advertiser knows how to channelise marketing initiatives to business turnover.

There are a different ways to do it.

  1. You can create visual appeal to target mass audience – through display ads
  1. You can directly approach customers who mean real business to you – through email marketing
  1. You can take help of search engine to ensure high traffic on your business website – through search engine optimisation
  1. You can market your business in interactive mediums – through video marketing
  1. You can publish articles containing custom message and syndicate them among potential visitors – through article marketing and press release submission
  1. You can go for paid advertisements – through Google sponsored ads
  1. You can integrate a blog to your business website and interact with potential viewers and customers – blog marketing
  1. You can create a podcast (audio message) and promote it through various podcasting websites.
  1. You can join social media websites and participate in real-time community based interactions – Social Media Marketing
  1. You can write knowledge-based articles (containing a link to your website) and publish them on blogger’s websites – Guest blog posting. This is an ideal way to earn popularity as well as search engine value
  1. You can also collect reviews and ratings for your business website – through voting system

All these are possible when you have the right marketing partner with you. Someone who understands your business objectives well and knows how to get marketing jobs done is apt for the role. A good online marketing manager has to be dynamic enough and knowledgeable to perform the steps efficiently.

A digital marketing agency or an online marketing Jersey company can be useful in this regard.

However before you start it is important to conduct a primary research on competitive business strategies. You should also look at factors like viability, relevancy and cost factor involved in each of these marketing routes discussed above. Unless the whole marketing effort does not profit you much in quick succession, it is not worth your investment.

Once you are sure about your marketing objectives and cost-benefit ratio you can go on assigning the job to a third party provider.

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