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A Quick Roundup and Some Cool Planners for 2014

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It’s a short week for me this week as I’ve got some vacation time I’m using up before its lost at the end of the year.  I just thought I’d share a few quick things so you can follow our new Google+ page and also see some cool planners for 2014.

  • If you subscribe to our eMail news letter, you may have seen last week that we announced that we would be using our Google+ page.  With that said, there were some complications and misunderstandings around what page we should be sharing with all of our great readers, so we have set up a new .com Google Plus Page specifically for the site.  The previous page we shared was just my personal page, which you are still more than welcome to follow, but we wanted to focus on a new page specific to the site.  Please feel free to follow us there, we would love to see you there so we can share with you and hear about all of the cool office supplies you are using and seeing.With the end of the year coming, you can start to find some cool planners for 2014 showing up online now:

    Levenger Circa smartPlanner 2014

  • Levenger has a brand new format for their daily planners called the Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda.  I have not seen this in person yet but it looks like a totally new format and some new features too.  There will definitely be an upcoming review here.
  • Sticking with the 2014 planner theme, here is the new Moleskine Star Wars Daily Planner for 2014.  The cover on it looks pretty amazing, its hard to see but its sort of a muted rendering of Yoda.

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