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A Quick Thank You to Our Blogger Friends


I meant to do a post at the half way point of the year to thank the other blogs out there that are kind enough to link to us, so I’m a little late on it now that July is almost over.  Here are the 5 blogs that have sent us the most readers this year to date.  To those bloggers, we send you a big THANKS! And to our readers here, we definitely suggest you check out their blogs as well, as they are some of the best at what they do and always make for good reads.

1. Pen Addict / NockCo –  Brad’s mini-empire – each of his sites individually top our list of referrers of traffic here, so I’ve combined them into one for the purposes of this list.  Thanks Brad, and congrats on the success of Nock!

2. The Impulsive Buy – If you like interesting foods, you need to visit this site that reviews some of the craziest foods you might ever see.  I don’t know where else you can expect to find out about things like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavored sparkling water and Larry the Cable Guy Biscuit and Gravy flavored ‘Tater Chips.

3.  The Well Appointed Desk – Ana does an amazing job of putting together one of the most visually appealing blogs you are going to find, and it just so happens to feature office supplies, whats not to like?

4.  penpaperinkletter – Plenty of pen, paper, and ink reviews to be found here, check out their MRI (Massive Review Index) that links to reviews from all around the web.

5.  Gourmet Pens – Azizah has some fantastic pen and ink reviews with equally fantastic photos of said items, not to mention she does her part to make sure the internet is never short of cat pictures.

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