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A Reminder Why I Buy from Amazon

As the title implies, this post is a reminder why I buy from Amazon.  Not too long ago, I did a review of some cool Write Dudes Metallic Markers and quickly decided to also pick up a set of the Write Dudes Supergel Metallic Pens since I liked the markers so much.

Gel Bursts Metallic Glitter Gel Ink Pens in Package

So imagine my surprise and confusion when these showed up instead, these aren’t even sold anywhere on Amazon.  I looked to see what was going on, and saw that although I ordered through Amazon, another vendor was the one to actually fulfill the order.

Within 3 hours of emailing Amazon to see what they could do about the issue, they responded and resolved it with no questions asked. A refund was issued, and they told me that it just made more sense to keep the item, presumably because shipping a $4 item back for a refund makes no sense.  I find it amazing that an online retailer can actually do customer service better than many physical stores can.

I’ll probably take another stab at ordering the Write Dudes Metallic Markers and hopefully now that they are available directly from Amazon, I won’t get some alternate replacement item and we will get a good review out of it.    Anyway, just wanted to share this as a reminder because I do often recommend products from Amazon, and their stellar customer service is one reason why I do so confidently.

UPDATE: Two things I forgot to mention about this.  First is that this all happened on a Sunday, thats right…online customer service being responsive within 3 hours to an email on a Sunday.  In my experience, thats unheard of.  Now it might be because I’m an Amazon Prime member which I cant recommend enough if you order from Amazon.  It pretty much gives you free two day shipping on everything plus you get a huge selection of TV shows and movies that rivals NetFlix, and they always seem to be adding media and features to the Amazon Prime membership.  Not sure if the expedited customer service is part of it, but either way being an Amazon customer, (Prime or not) is definitely a worthwhile experience in my opinion…and why I buy from Amazon and will continue to do so.

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