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A special gift for girls on christmas

  • By Sharon Baptiste
  • Published 06/9/2011
  • Fiction

A Bottle of Perfume for Your Girl Friend on Christmas   Christmas day is approaching and it is also a sweet time for the lovers. A thoughtful give at this time surely can enhance the relationship. But it may be racking our brains to come up with what kind of gift for the lovers, especially for the girlfriends. What about flowers? What about chocolate, or a dress? They are ok, and just ok, but not the best. Here, I am giving a suggestion for the boys on the “issue”. Perhaps we should take a risk to present something special to our girls. A suitable Perfume must surprise your girl. As a considerate boyfriend, we know about the girl and we can decide what will please her. Give her a perfume holiday. BULGARI AQVA POUR HOMME Interestingly enough, this kind of perfume is initially designed for boys, but it is widely popular among girls. Because, this is a fresh style, which can bring people the feeling of spring. Surely, girl will want it as well. A girl put on this Bulgari, she can become sweet and sunny. What is more, you are a lively girl with it, because it is for a boy with some energy. Frankly speaking, other girls may envy your girl, for her special taste.   Miss Dior Chérie Every girl has a dream. And their dreams may be different, but without doubt, they are happy dreams. Girls want to be easy and themselves. Miss Dior Chérie, was born of the inspiration of Orient cultures and gardens. It may be what your girl really needs to wear. It is destined to make girls refreshing, young and romantic. When your girlfriend wears it, it seems that she is dressed in flower. Different kinds of flower aroma drift in the air. Among the flowers such as roses and jasmine, there is a peony which is for increasing the Chinese feeling. Inevitably, your girl must be more charming and love you more.     Channel Eau Fraiche It is really a special perfume; it seems to have a wonderful power that can bring us back to the moment when we first encountered. Bring us back to the romantic moment is an amazing gift for us. Various delicate aromas make up the heaven-like atmosphere in which we linger around. Eau Fraiche is one of the classic perfume collections of Channel; maybe because girls want to enjoy the first encounter again so much.     Christmas is coming. Boys summon up the courage to surprise you girlfriend with the lovely perfume.



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