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A wallet value one month's salary?

  • By richard M. Earley
  • Published 03/14/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Do you think it is worth? To buy a wallet with all the money you have earned this month? Different people have different attitudes. In my opinion, it is worth to buy a good design wallet, especially for those people who have chances to work or study outside, though it may need a few more money. A wallet may show nothing important, but it means something sometimes. We all know that we are living in a complex society, we often have to live in a Specific environment which may include many factors, such as parties, conferences, journey, even a commencement. It may come to a party, which you have to jion, so you have to well dressed, but if you handle a sleazy wallet, even if others don’t notice that, or don’t mind about that, you will feel discomfiture, and it is certain that you will not have a nice time there. we can’t change the enviroment most of the time, so we have to change ourselves to anticipate the social enviroment, and most of the time, this is the reality. Another factor that I support this title is that people today know more about how to enjoy a high quality life. people, especially young people, are all busy work for the life, house, cars and money, our pressure is obvious. So they need a way to relex, so they need to love ourselves more, but how? in which way? Buy themselves the wallet they like, and anything that attract them, not care about the money, that’s really a way. They believe all the time that one who knows how to spend, knows better how to earn. So, a wallet really values one month’s salary, we can’t estimated how much it will bring us,the turth is, that the happiness feeling you can never buy with money.



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