A Wedding Reception That Makes a Difference


Authored by Jackie Acosta in Wedding
Published on 12-11-2008

The success of a wedding reception is measured by how many of the guests enjoyed. Wedding receptions are normally dreaded by relatives and many guests will only stay until the cake cutting, which is the earliest time to leave politely. For this reason, wedding planners do their best to ensure the enjoyment of the guests through good food, good music and alcohol. What really makes wedding receptions truly special are little details that make a party unique. Thinking out of the box, exerting a little more effort and spending a little bit more on little details will make a wedding a true delight and set it a part from hundreds of other weddings that people attend each year.

For the ladies and children, a great party detail that will make a difference is a wide selection of deserts! A chocolate fondue fountain with a variety of biscuits and fruits to dip perhaps or a table dedicated for a wide selection of cakes and cookies is a sure way to catch attention. A milk shake stand or an ice cream bar with sprinkles and delicious add-ons are also a sure way to make the kiddos satisfied. This may sound fit for a children’s party but executed well and within the wedding theme, these tables of indulgences will very much be a great decorative and practical addition to the reception venue. This would also definitely be a memorable experience for all the sweet tooth in the reception, young and old alike!

For the adults, a good idea for a wedding reception is hiring a bar tender for the night. A real bar tender that can mix cocktails with the proper garnishes will look very elegant. This can also be taken to the next level and the couple can request ahead for a special concoction that will be named after the bride and groom. The special drink will be introduced during the wedding toast. After which the bar will offer the drink until the end of the night. A bar tender can also be enjoyed by the younger guests by offering mock cocktails in “cool” grown-up looking glasses. A good bar tender would spice up the party with a little show in each serving of a drink. Flipping bottles around and adding touches to each drink would take extra time for preparation but it definitely makes the drinks special. Serving good alcohol (with limited liquor level) would loosen up the bones and get the guests in the mood for dancing and good conversation.

Music is an essential element in a wedding reception. Depending on the couple’s taste and age, a good band or a DJ to take care of the sounds is ideal. The couple should prepare a play list for the party and screen the band to make sure that they are the right fit for the music genre.

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. As much as possible, this should be planned in a way that is memorable and fun for all the guests and romantic for the bride and groom. Additional details may be frills, but these could make a difference in how memorable the wedding feast is.


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