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A wondeful gift for my girl

  • By fsdcvxcvsdfsdfsfs attyu
  • Published 03/15/2011
  • Fiction

Christmas was around the corner, but a headache was haunting me lately, as I, who is in passionate and enthusiastic love with this special girl with kindness and generosity, wanted to show her my insurmountable love! Fortunately, a poster on the Internet about the Cannon Camera, type A480 caught my eyes and I was fully convinced that it is the ultimate choice for me to let her know, I want to hold hands and cross fingers with her! And may this camera to be our witness of our love! I want give a brief account why the Canon Camera Type A480 appealed a lot to me!   One: With a vast capacity of 10 millions of effective pixels, it provides clear and authentic effect! With an approximate 10 millions of effective pixels, scenic spots will be clearly recorded. Therefore, why not frame our beautiful faces together with youth and energy via that wonderful and awesome tool?   Two: equipment with 3.3times of optical focus, it provides ease and comfort in taking a picture! It takes with it the fresh amusement of being pulled closer to the objects one is focusing on without bothering him to change his locations! You are the boss as to take partial or 360 degrees of full pictures.   Three: with a big screen, it produces clear visual effect in your browsing! Your instantaneous wondering feelings will be refreshed by its truthful following that heart-throbbing scenes with its big 2.5 LCD scene.     Four: functions like automatic recognition of faces, automatic adjustment of the focus and prior exposure of the faces are its distinguished features. Therefore, it will provide great help to frame wonderful moments.   All of these fantastic functions of the A480 Cannon Camera have convinced me that, no any other gift will be more special and meaningful than this piece of wonderful machine, which have impressed me with its brilliant charm!   Do you want to have your own cartier cellphone at very cheap price?



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