Founded in 2011, RedLine celebrated its sixth birthday in April 2017.

As language services firms go, we may be on the young side. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have experience.

RedLine is a network of skilled professionals with decades of experience working with clients large and small. We’re translators, editors, and designers who value collaboration and service.

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Our team is experienced. We deliver projects on time and on budget. Clients enjoy working with us.

What’s not to like?

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Working with RedLine has made it easy for us to get accurate translations in place—even under tight release deadlines.

—Christopher Morse, CXO, Envoy Platform

We used RedLine because we wanted our brochure to make a good first impression.

—Ann Vidro, Co-Director, Grand Rapids Triathlon

RedLine offered quick, professional service. They were easy to work with and very reliable.

Laurence Haïm, White House Correspondent, Canal+ and iTELE

Company Timeline

April 6, 2011: Freelance translator and editor Matthew Kushinka launches RedLine Language Services LLC. Was he optimistic? Yes. (Naively so? Maybe.)

June 2011: RedLine completes its first audio translation project for Emerse, a research firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

May 16, 2012: RedLine works with Laurence Haïm, French journalist and White House correspondent for Canal+, to provide real-time English editing for her coverage of the bilateral meeting between President Obama and French president François Hollande.

October 2012: Time Inc. Studios, the video production arm of media giant Time Inc.—the company behind brands such as Time, Sports Illustrated, and Food & Wine—hires RedLine to provide English subtitles for a series of Chinese videos. The footage had been filmed for end client DuPont China.

May 2013: RedLine begins working with Amway (annual revenue: $10 billion), translating surveys, slideshows, and marketing brochures.

January 2014: RedLine’s website averages approximately 15,000 unique visitors per month, with 55% coming from organic search alone.

February 2014: RedLine’s infographic on the world’s most widely spoken languages goes quasi-viral: 4,000 unique page views in a single day.

July 2014: Grand Rapids tech firm Appropos hires RedLine to translate the user interface for Envoy, an enterprise-level solution for multinational retailers. RedLine continues to work with Appropos today, and recently provided translations in 13 different languages.

March 2015: RedLine moves into the Ledyard Building in downtown Grand Rapids.

January 2016: RedLine launches new website. (Full disclosure: our old site was hacked in early January. Fuller disclosure: getting your site hacked is not fun.)

March 2016: RedLine’s network includes over 100 translators, editors, and designers. These are the people who produce professional results project after project. Thank you, team!

April 6, 2017: RedLine celebrates its 6-year anniversary. (There were no awards or speeches, but that’s because we had client deadlines to meet!)

2016–2021: Five straight years of stratospheric growth?

April 6, 2021: RedLine goes public, its IPO of $28 billion dwarfing that of Facebook. (Hey, we can dream, can’t we?)