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AC Milan check Tevez

  • By miaoxiang miaoxiang
  • Published 11/12/2012

Christmas and New Year’s holidays, AC Milan any idle in the transfer Cheap Soccer Jersey market, particularly in Inter Milan involved case, AC Milan to speed up the process of introducing Tevez, and made a large progress.

Under Italy most famous of transfer expert, sky Taiwan of Joe DiMaggio revealed, in Inter Milan of sports Manager Blanca of promoting, Inter Milan is intervention special dimension Republika of compete for, yesterday, Blanca has and Manchester City of General Manager Marwood through has phone, asks has special dimension Republika of situation, but di Ma Jiao said, to Gagliani headed of AC Milan, for special dimension Republika joined of prospects still was optimistic. Optimistic of causes has several aspects, a is in the day before yesterday, h. s. Bhola Buchin and Marwood pass has phone, in phone in the, h. s. Bhola Buchin convey has special dimension Republika of wishes, he said, special dimension Republika refused accept apart from AC Milan out any other of local, include Paris Saint-Germain, and on the, AC Milan Club also through h. s. Bhola Buchin convey, 22 million of buyout costs can upgrade to 24 million, course, Manchester City still hope AC Milan even is installments, also can in winter on took inform against pen cash, Joe DiMaggio said: “AC Milan is working on a compromise proposal, such as whether the number of buyout and Tevez is played or linked to the goal. “The fact AC Milan from Liverpool rental Aquila is using such a scheme. And Manchester City coach Mancini is in stepped up marketing has was own excluded in plans out of special dimension Republika, he also hope special dimension Republika joined AC Milan of trading can in New Brazil Jersey winter completed, he said: “If AC Milan buy has special dimension Republika, they certainly will won League champion, because special dimension Republika then plus Ibrahimovic, and Alexandre Pato, and also has illness later of Cassano, they may will has world Shang most strong of striker line! %u201D

Meanwhile, Messi-Lopez has official was AC Milan gave up, yesterday, Catania club sports Manager Los-Monaco said: “on Lopez of transfer, no further of progress, we confirmed in England, Fulham out has a copies quote, we now is considered, we looks forward to with things of progress, include Italy of transfer market, AC Milan now certainly has exit has, in I seems Lazio also does not needs Messi, and Florence is has hope, we wait.%u201D And the Club took out not constrained attitudes, Gagliani has said publicly: “the future depends on New Real Madrid Jersey Filippo Inzaghi, he can leave, and you can also choose to go to another team.




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