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Access speed reading and be dynamic

  • By Jay Polmar
  • Published 04/14/2011
  • Writing

It is amazing how we human beings marvel at machines, getting all excited about the latest iphone, iPad, and everything else that comes from the high tech work, when we are walking around in the most complex complicated high technology apparatus system ever invented. The human body records and reacts to various senses then transfers and dispenses commands in a nanosecond.The brain is a super operating system housed in a convenient self-recharging carrying case. The programs devised and presented by  .org help us to undo or do a disk clean up and defragment so we can start is a to organize the jumbled information we’ve accumulated in our head. Hey! Here is the chance to start living up to your full potential. Let’s start with how we intake data.

Simply close your eyes, take a deep cleansing breath we are going to begin creating positive recordings programing you for success start by relaxing and again take a deep breath and say “SPEED READING ACCESS” over and over to yourself , now visualize yourself SPEED READING comfortably confidently rapidly and comprehending. Picture yourself creating memory bank files to your exact requirement, complete files recording all that you are reading so that you have immediate access, total recall with easy access, you are a successful student of Be Dynamic through Speed Reading process. Accessing instantly the most powerful, and only organic computing machine ever created – your own brai

n..While you are performing the exercise of controlling relaxation and concentrating try to focus deeply – that helps access your the subconscious. Yes, you can control this level of mind, come in and out of that level at will with practice and patience.Everyone understands that most of us only use a small part of our brain capacity. What happens in the brain when you start to organize and control random thoughts into positive patterns to positive goals? What you see, what you hear, what you feel, is retained.Here’s how to read faster to get it all started: Instead of reading single words one at a time, read them in groups of 2, 3 or 4. As you read, you look at  each group quickly, and move on to the next. To overcome the problems of back skipping and regressing use your finger to move you along faster – pace your reading. These ideas are very simple concepts that can have a powerful effect on your reading speed if you practice them and make them a habit.Here is your opportunity to improve your overall learning skills through the powerful and time proven Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading program.  Be Dynamic is the only course of its kind with an audio support system, and software guaranteeing you the success you desire.This is a life changing program and will do what public education could never do for you -Success is yours. Double efficiency and productivity. Be A Speed Reader.. Be A Speed Reader Double Your Reading Speed, Learn How in  Minutes. Amaze Yourself and Others. Amaze Yourself and Others nopicture-6989079

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by Jay Polmar



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