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Acco Klix Alternative to Paper Clips?


ACCO Klix Paper Fasteners

The Acco Klix are a new product that were recently brought to my attention by someone but it took me a while to be able to get my hands on some to be able to review.  You wont find them on Amazon yet, and you will be hard pressed to find them in any of your local big box office supply stores.  I had to grab these from Staples online since it appears that most office supply stores that I’ve visited lately seem to carry only their branded version of many products, eliminating shelf space for unique items like these.


ACCO Klix Paper Fasteners in the Open Position

Essentially the Acco Klix are designed to be a step up from the traditional paper clip.  They are made from a flexible metal material and are available in a plain silver finish, or the multi-color options you see pictured here.  In the photo above, they are all in the open position as you can tell from the concave surface area.  Opening the Acco Klix requires you to press firmly on the metal surface which indents them and forces the mouth open.  In this position they open up to show some tiny, but very sharp teeth that you can slide your papers into.  Amazingly I was able to slide about 30 sheets of paper into these before I began to feel like it would be hard to open them back up again.


ACCO Klix Paper Fasteners in Use

Once you slide these on the paper in the open position, they require another firm press on the long side rails or the tip to snap them shut on the paper.  Regardless of the number of sheets of paper in there, the Klix lock down on your papers tighter than any other paper fastener I’ve used before.


Some Bite Marks Left Behind from the Acco Klix

Although the Acco Klix do a fantastic job of holding papers together tightly, and even look nice doing so, I do have a few minor issues with them.  The first issue is probably no surprise if you have looked at the photo above already.  Within the two red circles you can see there are what look like little bite marks from a snake in the top sheet of paper that was fastened together.  In some cases these marks go through to the second sheet of paper too, so you will want to be careful about using these to fasten anything really important that you don’t want damaged.  My second issue here is that you need to be somewhat careful with how you close these because they can give you quite an uncomfortable shock if you hold them in the wrong place while the metal snaps back to the closed position.  One last thing that is just more of an observation, and not an issue is that these are a bit thicker than paper clips, so if you are stacking multiple sets of documents that are fastened with these, they wont stack all that neatly without some careful positioning.

Overall the Acco Klix are definitely a unique option for fastening papers and presentations, and can definitely provide a little more pizzazz than boring old paper clips…just use caution with important papers and delicate fingers.

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