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According to the archbishop of disclosure

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  • Published 05/4/2011
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To April 2007, the British media, they have spread the message of peace to break up.According to a close friend of Prince William said, since Prince William graduated from Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, after their relationship began to gradually cracks.It is reported that William and Kate decided to break up the reason why is because they are unable to meet their love of the enormous pressure. Prince William that he was too young, no need to get married early.At the same time, William also frequently scandal. Prince William first rave at a nightclub, the virtues of a 19-year-old beauty was invited back to the barracks Lisa Edgar to continue drinking. Then, Prince William and was broke at the same nightclubs and 18-year-old female college student Brazil photo shoot, the even hand, “harassment” of Anna’s chest.Some media reports, the two had in fact break up as early as 2005. When asked about this, William replied: “We both were very young, it was college. We are still looking for myself.”

But the two broke up less than two months in a complex. They soon found each other all miss each other. Kate admitted that she broke up with “Cocktail Dresses”, but she insisted:

“It made me stronger.” Kate is about to marry into the royal family to follow the footsteps of Diana, refused to swear at the wedding “submissive husband”, only Ken promised “love, comfort, respect and protect” her husband, Prince William.According to reports, soon to be married young couple has a good Discount Bridesmaid Dresses vows. Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, the deviant abandon royal etiquette, do not swear “obedience” Charles. Although this did not lead the royal Princess Diana “new trend”, but have know each other years with William, Kate had to follow each other equal treatment.Kate and William on the marriage is the attitude of, access to the Archbishop of Canterbury Williams commended. Williams said, “they thoughtful, careful thought to his heart as well as commitment to one another,” “I am deeply moved.”According to the Archbishop of disclosure, he admits that William and Kate had married in full view of the concerns. He said they were forced to think carefully about the pressure on the marriage will inevitably affect the result, while bearing in mind the other royal family members have the marriage record. However, given new appeal to the public blessing at the same time, Archbishop William and Kate still have confidence in the performance.



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