Add Subtitles to Your Video Easily and For Free with Subtitle Workshop


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Software
Published on 01-16-2009

If you want just simple captions for your video clips, you could do it easily even with your Windows Movie Maker. What if you’re looking to subtitle longer video clips?

There is a solution available in the form of Subtitle Workshop, a freeware with impressive pro-quality features. What’s more, Subtitle Workshop even checks the spelling of the text you key in. You also get to preview of how your subtitles will appear on your video clip. Then there’s the option to customize your subtitles by choosing foreground and background colours, whether to show shadow or not and whether to show border or not, among others. Alright, let’s look at how you can get Subtitle Workshop to create subtitles for your video clips.

  1. Load Your Video into Subtitle Workshop. If your video format does not load, make sure the necessary codec(s) are installed.
  2. The next step will be to create a subtitle file. Go to File and select New Subtitle or Press CTRL-N.
  3. Save the subtitle file – File and Save or CTRL –S. It is recommended that you save the file in the .srt format for compatibility with playback in most media players. Give the file the same name as your video file and save it to the same directory. For example if your video file is myvideo.avi then your subtitle file should be myvideo.srt. If your video file is saved in C:\Video\myvideo.avi then your subtitle file should be saved as C:\Video\myvideo.srt
  4. You are now ready to enter your subtitles. Click on the Edit menu and choose Insert Subtitle. You are now ready to create subtitles for each part of your video file.
  5. You can use the Play and Pause button to set the In and Out points for your subtitles. You are now ready to enter your subtitles.

Notes: The In and Out points and the Subtitle text can all be edited.

To edit the In time, click on the Show field. You can now enter the new time. You can also set the In point in frame mode. When you’re done, press Enter.

To adjust the Out point, choose the Hide option and set according to time or frames. You can also use the Duration mode to set the end time for your subtitles.

Editing Subtitles

To make changes to your subtitles, click on the desired position in the text box and start editing.

One attractive feature of Subtitle Workshop is its ability to import subtitles prepared as text files. This is useful if you’ve prepared subtitles in advance before launching the program.

It will also be useful if you have to cut and paste plenty of text. It saves you the hassle of having to key it again in the program’s text box.

Subtitle Workshop will definitely help your video communicate better with your audience. Do give it a try.


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