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Adjustable Laptop Legs by LapWorks

Adjustable Laptop Legs by LapWorks Package

For a while I’ve been having some issues with my laptop getting very hot, to the point where it even shuts down sometimes.  I’ve done everything including cleaning it and using a cooling pad, but I think that these adjustable laptop legs from LapWorks (via Amazon) are probably the best and most simple answer I have found yet.  After just a few days of using these the difference has been very noticeable.

Adjustable Laptop Legs by LapWorks Uninstalled

The adjustable laptop legs from LapWorks are made from solid plastic with adhesive backing and rubber feet when completely collapsed.  I mention that because thats probably my only minor gripe with these, that there is no rubber coating on the bottom once these feet are extended, which leaves them a little prone to slippage if you aren’t careful with them.  Besides that minor issue though, these adjustable laptop legs do an excellent job of raising your laptop to allow heat to escape, and cool air to circulate under the surface of it where the fan usually is.  These adjustable laptop legs allow you to adjust your laptop to two separate heights, the first being 1 inches and the second being 1.375 inches.

Adjustable Laptop Legs by LapWorks Installed

Here you can see the LapWorks adjustable laptop legs affixed to the bottom of my laptop in front of the original rubber feet found on my Lenovo laptop.  One unfortunate lesson I learned when installing these was that you need to make sure that they are placed closer to the back of the laptop (towards the screen) than I placed them.  In the position shown above, I actually have to be careful with how far I tilt my laptop monitor back or it becomes too top heavy and the legs cant handle it.  This is not a fault of the laptop legs, but rather the fault of me installing them improperly.  Even with my unfortunate miscalculation, they still do a great job of keeping my laptop cool and at a comfortable angle for using it.  You should definitely check these out and grab yourself a set if you want to keep your laptop cooler and make sure it doesn’t overheat, or if you just want to be able to use it at a more comfortable angle.  The adjustable laptop legs from LapWorks (via Amazon) are also a great option to replace broken or non-existent legs on things like keyboards or tablets too if you so wish.

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