Adoption Through Foster Care


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In the United States today, there are virtually thousands of children in the foster care system waiting patiently for permanent homes. There is such a need for potential adoptive parents to help these children by offering them a permanent, loving family and home.

Foster care adoption means that a foster family adopts a child or children that are currently living in the foster care system. These specific adoptions are more than likely handled via local Dept. of Social Services or foster care agencies. Some are handled through licensed private agencies that are contracted through that particular state. These agencies are responsible for finding and recruiting appropriate families who are willing to be trained and licensed as foster and adoptive parents. Some states allow foster parents to be dually licensed as both foster and adoptive parents.

Many children in the foster care system are eventually adopted by either a foster parent or relatives, but there are still many children eagerly awaiting a permanent family. Any families interested in adopting through the foster care system need to follow the correct steps to allow for the process to happen in as timely a fashion as possible. You need to be sure that yourself and your family will be able to handle the added stresses these issues may cause.

If your family has weighed the pros and cons that this decision will have on the entire family, and want to continue on into the process, the first step is to research the foster care and adoption system rules and regulations in your particular state.

You will then need to contact your state’s Department of Social Services and let them know that you are interested in becoming involved in the foster care system. They will
explain the foster care/adoption process to you and let you know what you will need to do next.

Eventually, you will need to take classes that will prepare you for the adoption and foster care system. Once you have passed your classes and have worked with your social worker to decide what type of child would adapt best within your family environment, you are ready for the next step in the process.

A home study and background checks will also need to be done before you can become a foster or adoptive parent. The home study generally takes up to six months to complete and will consist of your social worker coming into your home and learning about your family.

If your family passes the home study and background checks and are approved by the state to become a certified foster family, your social worker will then let you review the files of children to review and decide if they will be a fit for your family.

The process of becoming an adoptive or foster family is time consuming and can take a toll on a family. But once you have a child in need of a family in your home, it will all be worth it for everyone involved.


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