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Adult Gold Tennis Academy Course at La Manga Club

  • By Michael Lee
  • Published 07/20/2010
  • Article Writing

At La Manga Club, the tennis centre is a popular sporting choice for enthusiasts, tennis players and tennis clubs. The tennis academy provides numerous courses of different abilities and length. Adult academy courses are provided in a weekly format of Monday to Friday, each week and are highly successful. In addition both 10 and 15 hour academy courses, La Manga Club Tennis Centre provide extensive coaching over 25 hours. This comprehensive programme lasts a duration of 5 days covering all technical, tactical, physical and mental skills required to take your tennis game to the next level. The 25 hour adult tennis academy course at La Manga Club begins each morning at 9:00am to 12:15pm and again in the afternoon from 4:00pm to 6 / 7pm. The latest tennis technology and dedicated academy tuition programmes are a great success for both individual players and tennis clubs who use the tennis academies to train. The professional but also personal service provides an excellent tennis experience that will fulfil any tennis players requirements. The highest standard of coaching is always present at the tennis centre with the tennis academy offering this comprehensive 25 hour adult tennis programme. The 25 hours of professional coaching will take you through all major aspects of the game from the following schedule shown below: Adult Tennis Academy Monday to Friday 9 am – 11am Monday: Technical work on forehand and 1st serve using live ball and drill situations.

Tuesday: Technical work on backhands

and 2nd serve using live ball and drill situations Wednesday: Technical work on volleys Thursday: Transition game and tactics Friday: Review all tennis tournament situations – concept and application. Tactical Tennis Clinic 11.15 am – 12.15 pm Monday: Consistency and depth of play Tuesday: Selection of shot. (Attacking shots, defensive shots, and neutral shots) Wednesday: Review of footwork with reference to posture and balance. Mental toughness. Thursday: Double live ball situations. Friday: Serve and return focus on placement and spin. Patterns of play. Tennis Match Play and Competitions starts at 4 pm until 6 pm or 7 pm Monday: Club Afternoon. American Rotating Doubles. Tuesday: Singles Match Play and Tactics. Wednesday: Mixed Doubles Tournament Thursday: Mens / Ladies Doubles Tournament Friday: Club Afternoon. American Rotating Doubles. Also included with this Tennis Academy course * Free Use of gym, sauna and Jacuzzi. * 10% discount on private lessons. * Free welcome day on Sunday. * 2 hours free court time on Saturday. * Prizes for tournaments. * In depth stroke assessment, daily demonstration and individual feedback provided.

The tennis coaches at La Manga Club are multilingual to ensure an easy understanding for those who speak English, Spanish or German. To book this course simply select the 25 hour adult tennis academy course at time of booking your tennis holiday. You may also like to view our additional tennis courses and programmes we offer, including an adult 10 hour and 15 hour course.



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